, Alar, Xinjiang, January 11 (Yi Ran) "I just want to do what I can. Maybe it can save lives at a critical time." Qin Qing said in an interview with reporters on the 11th.

  The records on the collective blood donation certificate show that from 2009 to 2020, Qin Qing donated a total of 15 times of unpaid blood, 400 ml each time, totaling 6000 ml, which is almost equivalent to all blood in an adult's body.

  Qin Qing is a nurse at the 11th Regiment Hospital of Alar City, the First Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.

The "post-90s" she won two important records in her life in 2020. One is the end of the spring aid to Hubei and was named "the most beautiful retrograde person" by the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Government of the Communist Party of China. The other is the end of 2020. At that time, he was awarded the title of "Advanced Individual in Anti-epidemic" by the Xinjiang Corps.

  Qin Qing said: "Being a nurse, donating blood, and helping Hubei is most affected by my father and younger brother."

  Qin Qing's father was a farmland contractor for the Eleventh Regiment Company. In Qin Qing's eyes, his father was enthusiastic and calm in his work, not well-educated, and plain but profound in reason.

Qin Qing will never forget what her father said-"You are not smart, kindness will make you smarter from others."

"Although my younger brother is younger than me, he is more mature than me. He joined the Party in 2014 and graduated with a bachelor's degree and went to graduate school. My younger brother is particularly able to endure hardships; he is strict with himself and treats others with tolerance; he has plans and goals in his work. He also won't tell his family not to add congestion to others." Qin Qing said.

  In 2007, Qin Qing was admitted to the Shihezi Nursing School, and when she saw a blood collection cart on the street, she went to donate blood, but was turned down because she was 18 years old because she was two years away.

After graduating two years later, I can't wait to fulfill my long-cherished wish to donate blood for the first time. Since then, he has donated once a year.

  "Every time I donate blood, I can think of a passage on the Internet:'When 400 milliliters of bright red blood slowly flowed out of my arm, I seemed to see my blood being injected into the patient's body. The patient turned from danger to safety, and I felt the sacredness of blood donation. And lofty, a sense of pride and satisfaction that I have never had before came to my heart'." Qin Qing said.

  “In the Fangcang shelter hospital, I can’t help crying at 5 pm every day. At this moment, singing of the motherland’s songs rang in the hall. Thousands of patients, no matter how old, new or old, will sit upright and listen to the broadcast. Singing has become the solemn and shocking moment and magnificent scene that everyone in the Fangcang shelter hospital expects. At this moment, I have a new understanding of the'white angel', and I secretly determined to work harder to do a good job." Recalling the experience of assisting Hubei , Qin Qing said.