China News Service, Hefei, January 11 (Reporter Wu Lan) "Since 2017, the city and county governments have invested more than 300 million yuan (RMB, the same below) to build more than 110 urban reading spaces." Hefei, Anhui Province Chen Jiangli, deputy director of the Bureau of Culture and Tourism, said on the 11th that in recent years, Hefei has promoted the construction of urban reading spaces with high grades, and has formed a leading advantage in China's provincial capital cities.

  At the press conference of the "Better Hefei's 13th Five-Year Plan" series of press conferences that day, Chen Jiangli introduced the development of Hefei's culture and tourism since the 13th Five-Year Plan.

  Since the implementation plan for the construction of urban reading space was introduced in 2017, Hefei City has invested a total of 3 cities and counties in accordance with the idea of ​​“integration of libraries and stores, integration of two industries, diversified functions, two-wheel drive, construction of a network system, and convenience for the people”. More than 100 million yuan, more than 110 urban reading spaces have been built, and a "15-minute reading circle" has been built.

  Currently, Hefei’s established urban reading space has received 18.163 million readers, 3.61 million borrowed books, and 16,811 events of various kinds.

In addition, all 160 public cultural venues in the city are open for free.

  During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the added value of Hefei's cultural industry increased by more than 10% annually.

There are 29,700 legal entities in the cultural industry in the city, accounting for about one-third of Anhui Province, including 537 cultural enterprises above designated size and 21 listed companies of various types.

According to reports, Hefei City has 7 national-level cultural industry demonstration bases (parks) including the national digital publishing base, 27 provincial-level cultural industry demonstration bases (parks) including the Baohe District Creative Cultural Industry Base, and 48 municipal-level cultural industries. Industrial Demonstration Base (Park); The first creative cultural industry cluster development base (Hefei) Park was established in Anhui Province; A number of characteristic cultural blocks (Parks) such as Baohe Li Street, Shushan Banbian Street, Luyang Jianhua Cultural and Creative Park, etc. have formed a brand effect .