The Flemish psychologist and sexologist Kaat Bollen has surrendered her title after she was again told in appeal with the disciplinary court of the Psychologists Committee that her behavior harms her profession.

The issue revolved around sexy photos on her Instagram page and her presentation at a burlesque show.

The issue started after a fellow psychologist van Bollen filed a complaint with the disciplinary committee.

Bollen, who told several Belgian media that she was never personally addressed by this person, received a warning from the disciplinary committee and appealed.

The warning has remained, because the disciplinary court of the Psychologists Committee believes that her behavior damages the dignity of the profession.

The psychologist and sexologist is known for talking openly about sexuality.

In a statement, Bollen says that she "cannot reach it".

"Why isn't sexy and / or feminine worthy? And since when do we psychologists judge the dignity of others? Shouldn't we be open and encourage authenticity?"

Bollen also says that she would rather not be a psychologist if she is not allowed to be herself in that role.

"So I have decided to terminate my membership of the Psychology Committee and therefore also surrender my title of psychologist. That hurts and it is difficult."

Bollen does write that she can continue to assist people as a therapist and sexologist.

Not only does Bollen receive a lot of support online, the Flemish Minister of Equal Opportunities Bart Somers has also heard of the issue.

He says that he thinks it is unheard of that "women in Flanders in 2021 are still told how they should or may dress".

He says he wants a meeting with the Psychologists Committee.