Actor David Hasselhoff has found success with the "K2000" series.


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KITT, the famous car from the "K 2000" television series, is on sale on an auction site,




The Pontiac, which had been modified for the purposes of filming, will be delivered to whoever wins the auction by David Hasselhoff in person.

It is the American actor who announced this sale called “The Hoff Auction”, following numerous messages on Twitter at the beginning of the year.

Bidding is open now in the Hoff auction, everything goes!

Go to #TheHoff #TheHoffAuction #Auction #LiveAuction #Bidding #LiveAuctioneers #DiligentEstateSales #SpongeBob #KnightRider #MichaelKnight #KITT #Baywatch #D5.Witchcitter0/ pic/MitchtBuchannon/ pic

- David Hasselhoff (@DavidHasselhoff) January 2, 2021

Appeared in the series forty years ago, KITT is a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. Not only does it have a steering wheel comparable to those now found in Formula 1 cars, but it can also make you talk, drive alone and launch missiles.

Options which were obviously only pure cinema effects.

The actor clarified that the car is in working order.

As seen in the photos, the dashboard screens are illuminated.

David Hasselhoff clarified that the light strip on the front of the vehicle was operational.

The price could reach 1 million euros

Estimated between 175,000 and 300,000 dollars, the Pontiac has already climbed to 475,000 dollars in just eight auctions.

The prices for the mythical vehicle, well guarded in the United Kingdom, could climb to 1 million euros.

Part of the amount raised during this big sale will be distributed to charities that David Hasselhoff takes care of.

In addition to his car, the star gives away more than 150 objects, including "frames, outfits, trophies, posters, caps or even decorative objects", and many shooting accessories.

A Mercedes is also for sale.

This will end on January 23.

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