You had to look twice when, in December of last year, Chanel presented its annual Métier d'Art Show for the year 2021.

It was the collection that traditionally pays homage to the craft of the in-house tailors.

Including elaborate pearl embroidery, dramatically draped silhouettes, extravagant fabrics.

Virginie Viard, the successor to fashion czar Karl Lagerfeld, dutifully presented all of this.

However, and this has never been seen in the haute couture context, especially often in combination with legwear made of spandex.

Athleisure is the megatrend of the present and it has not only been quoted by the most established fashion houses since yesterday, but also before life was largely at home due to the pandemic.

Benefiting from the home office, the hype about leggings, hoodies and cozy two-piece suits took off so much that athleisuremode has now even undergone a modification.

This new development was recently named Athflow, which is supposed to represent the aesthetic union of athleisure and elegance.

According to the Pinterest platform, it is one of the most important trends in the current fashion year.

And in fact, shortly after the Chanel show, global inquiries for “leggings with skirts” on the Lyst search portal rose by a total of 33 percent.

We have got used to modern wearing comfort


Outfits à la Athflow could possibly be seen on the street more often in the future.

Quasi as a well-intentioned hybrid phase from the external neglect back to the attracted reality.

At home, however, they only work to a limited extent, because despite all its elegance, a costume remains uncompromising in terms of freedom of movement - even in combination with leggings.

However, the contrast in the chic home office look doesn't have to be constructed in the same way as at Chanel.

Because of course brands have long thought about how a piece of clothing can look decent and also be comfortable to wear.

After all, the majority of homeworkers have been sitting at their desks eight hours a day, well before March.

"The wearing comfort of our everyday wardrobe has visibly improved in recent years," says Markus Breitsameter, Team Lead Design at Zalando.

“And above all through the use of new materials and innovations in terms of material mixtures.” You always notice this when you wear vintage clothing or inherit a piece of clothing from someone.

"The look is great, the design is super retro, but you have got used to a modern wearing comfort and then it is sometimes difficult to swap the leggings for high waist jeans."

What to wear instead of leggings

Generally speaking, what everyone understands by comfort is very individual, according to Breitsameter.

He therefore advises scouring your wardrobe for your favorite items and taking a closer look at the material composition of these items.

In this way you will find out whether you tend towards natural or artificial fibers - and which compositions you like to wear on your skin.


The “Leisure” collection by Max Mara shows that casual clothing is definitely a matter of interpretation.

In addition to lurex jersey, a slightly shimmering material, you will also find one or two hoodies, but also pleated skirts and dresses made of satin.

"Flowing materials, blends of wool or cotton with elastane and stretch fabrics, as well as cashmere or wool in combination with synthetic fibers, offer a wonderful range of options for wearing everyday but also elegant looks," says the style consultant from Zalando.

"They are easy to care for and uncomplicated in their wearing properties."

A silky skirt may be more comfortable to wear than a pinchy waistband

Source: PR

One detail is particularly often perceived as annoying

Trousers are one of the most important items of clothing for comfort in the home office.

Because you sit a lot, you tend to go for particularly comfortable models, such as leggings.

“It could actually play into your hand that the focus is on wide fits anyway, such as Marlene trousers or classic suit trousers,” says Breitsameter.

Even jeans, the item of clothing that is most likely to have lost its popularity due to the crisis, are increasingly being seen in a looser fit and with a low waistband that does not cut into the stomach.

Sitting on the hip, it is comfortable to wear even when you sit for long periods of time.

“Well thought-out Bund solutions are crucial for comfort,” says the designer.

And what else should you pay attention to?

"Muted nuances such as off-white, beige, brown as well as classic make-up tones and many green variants make the sportswear looks more feminine and give them a classic twist." In addition, the quality workmanship is not to be despised.

A piece of clothing that you wear up and down also needs to be replaced regularly.

The style expert therefore recommends materials that have a certain “heaviness” in order to prevent them from deforming when they are worn.

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"It is interesting to see that in addition to contemporary labels, more and more luxury brands are discovering functionality in fashion and are thus accommodating the practical needs of consumers much more than was the case ten years ago," says Breitsameter.

You can see that in the latest collection from Chanel.

But North Face's collaborations with Gucci are also an example of an exciting combination of casual fashion and high fashion luxury.

So when choosing your home office wardrobe, following the example of the great designers, you can think outside the box more often.

A silk top is much more comfortable to wear than a statically charged polyester shirt - even if it doesn't correspond to the occasion in terms of style and you actually only have to create Excel lists all day.

But honestly, which garment is suitable for it?