"I give myself a thumbs-up is enough!" The female teacher saved her life without leaving her name until the other party found her two years later

  On a rainy winter night in Nanjing, a man was in a car accident lying on a cold road. He suffered multiple fractures in his body and was unable to move. There was no one on the road.

At this moment, "angels" descended on the world...

  A young couple passing by called an ambulance and rushed the injured Master Liu from Xuzhou to the hospital. They also paid 3,000 yuan for the operation and left without leaving their name.

Master Liu looked for the loving couple after he was injured.

Two years later, Master Liu’s son accidentally found information about the life-saver, Mr. Xu, on the Internet, and learned about Mr. Xu’s work unit.

On January 4, Master Liu rushed to the school where Mr. Xu worked and expressed his gratitude in person.

Speaking of saving people and declining Master Liu to pay back the money, Teacher Xu said: "Surgery fees are not borrowed, so there is no need to pay back. I just give myself a thumbs up for saving people!" Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News trainee reporter Chen Ranwen/photo

Save people in winter night

Xuzhou migrant workers who came to Ning had a car accident in winter and rainy night

A pair of strangers passed by and saved him

  On the night of February 13, 2019, the weather was very cold, and there was still light rain.

After finishing his day's work, Master Liu rode a moped on Nanjing Mufuyuan Street.

He was wearing a helmet and his sight was affected by the rain.

  "It was dark and the shadows of trees flickered. I thought someone was passing by and was about to brake, but I was hurriedly speeding up." Master Liu told the Ziniu reporter of the Yangtze Evening News. Then he rushed out with the moped and slammed into the guardrail.

Master Liu fell to the ground with the car. Although he quickly regained consciousness, he could not move.

  "I was very anxious at the time, and I didn't know where I fell. After I fell, I couldn't move at all. I felt the blood flowing from my head, and I didn't know whether it was rain or blood flowing anywhere else on my body." Master Liu told Ziniu When the reporter recalled the situation, he still felt scared, "At that time, if no one passed by, there would be no hope."

  At that time, there was no one on the road, and Master Liu fell on the side of the road. If the driver who drove in the rainy night did not pay attention, it was likely to cause more serious accidents such as secondary injuries.

  Master Liu didn't even have the strength to take off his helmet, so he could only raise his head and call for help over and over again.

"Occasionally, there are taxis passing by and they didn't dare to stop. I can understand. Later, I don't know who put a few shared bicycles next to me. It should be because I was worried that I was accidentally run over by passing vehicles."

  I don’t know how long it took, Master Liu saw someone stopped beside him, “It’s a man and a woman. They parked the car behind me.”

  The two helped Master Liu onto a blanket, "They held up an umbrella to protect me from the rain, and they kept chatting with me. Soon after, an ambulance came and took me to the hospital."

  Master Liu told the Ziniu News reporter that the next day, they also bought some nutrition and rushed to the hospital to visit him. They learned that his medical insurance card was out of money, so they paid 3,000 yuan in advance at their own expense and asked the hospital to quickly arrange the operation.

  "They have been helping me find a doctor, running here and there, and when I was properly arranged, they left. They did not leave the phone number, nor did they leave the home or work address." Master Liu said, waking up after the operation. Later, I especially want to thank them, "They saved my life."

Looking for a benefactor

Constantly looking for two years

I found the benefactor in an online public list

  Master Liu and his family later asked the rescue couple's phone number through the hospital and emergency center.

After recovering from his injury, Master Liu returned to his hometown of Xuzhou to recuperate under the doctor’s instructions. During this time, he contacted the life-saver Mr. Xu and his wife through the phone. Both of them refused to thank Mrs. Xu in person. Teacher Xu hasn't let it go, just telling me to heal my injuries."

  Master Liu added their WeChat and learned that Mr. Xu is a primary school teacher, but Mr. Xu did not say which school he was in.

He repaid the surgical fees paid by Mr. Xu and his wife through transfer, but was refused.

  For the past two years, Master Liu will send blessings to Mrs. Xu and his wife on WeChat during the Chinese New Year. “Although this is the case, I have not been able to thank them in person. I still feel regretful and have been mentioning this with my family.”

  "Until December 30, 2020, my son accidentally saw the name of Teacher Xu on the Internet, and saw her publicity by the personnel who passed the assessment of the professional and technical qualifications of the primary and secondary school and kindergarten teachers in the district’s Qinhuai District Education Bureau. It’s on the list." Master Liu thought that his car accident was not far from this school, "So I make sure that the work unit of the life-saver Mr. Xu is Nanjing Zhenghe Foreign Language School, and Mr. Xu himself is also a key teacher there."

  Knowing this situation, Master Liu was so happy that he hurried to find a shop to order a pennant during the New Year's Day holiday and wrote a thank you letter.

  “At that time, I was afraid that the New Year’s Day holiday would affect Teacher Xu’s vacation, so I came to Nanjing to stay with my relatives in advance, and waited for Teacher Xu to go to school to thank him.” On January 4, 2021, Master Liu came to Nanjing Zhenghe Foreign Language School and waited for the school to end. Later, I went to find Teacher Xu, "At first, I navigated to the middle school of their school. Later, the security told me that there was no such teacher and asked me to look for it in the elementary school. I immediately rushed to the elementary school and finally saw Mr. Xu."

The teacher said

I didn’t think much about it, I just wanted to save people

  Mr. Xu was very surprised by the arrival of Master Liu. Regarding the saving of people back then, Mr. Xu said: "We just did what we should do, don't take it to heart."

  "On the same day, my husband and I were on the way home. We noticed that someone had fallen in the middle of the road while driving. We got out of the car and found that he was seriously injured. So we immediately removed the blanket from the car and placed it on the ground. He moved from the watery ground to a clean blanket. At that time, seeing that his face under his helmet was full of blood, he immediately called the 120 emergency number."

  Teacher Xu said: "Worrying that he was in a coma while waiting for the ambulance, we kept chatting with him and asked his home contact information. In fact, I didn’t think much about it at the time. I felt that someone had fallen and it was so cold. , We should help."

  Teacher Xu told reporters that the next day she and her husband were still worried about Master Liu, so they bought some nutritional supplements and went to the hospital to visit him. "We found that Master Liu had not been able to perform the operation until the hospital. We found the hospital and hoped to consider it first. The operation was arranged for Master Liu's special circumstances. After that, we paid 3,000 yuan in advance for the operation. Fortunately, the hospital arranged the operation soon. We saw Master Liu's affairs were almost handled and we left."

I don’t have to pay the 3,000 yuan in advance. I volunteered to help Master Liu.

  When Master Liu saw Teacher Xu selflessly helping and saving himself, he was so excited that he couldn't speak, and he kept saying, "Thank you, thank you! Teacher Xu!"

  Witnessed by Director Ding of the Primary School of Nanjing Zhenghe Foreign Language School, Master Liu officially sent the banner and thank you letter to Teacher Xu's family.

Director Ding said: "Master Liu came to the school with the pennant. We only learned that Mr. Xu saved people. She never mentioned it. But we are not very surprised. Mr. Xu has always been an enthusiastic, kind, and full of positive energy. people."

  Regarding the refusal to pay for medical expenses, Mr. Xu said: “Although 3,000 yuan was not too much or too little to me at the time, it was not borrowed at the time, so there was no repayment. Master Liu is still a freelancer. After the injury, the family was also affected. We volunteered to help Master Liu. There is no reason to accept this money."

  At the end of the interview, Mr. Xu said: “I came to Nanjing in 2017. I have met many noble people before. They helped me to make my journey smoothly. I have always been very grateful for Nanjing and the city. The people I meet here, so I want to pass on this positive energy. The fate with Master Liu makes me feel at ease. There is nothing to save people, I just give myself a thumbs up."