According to statistics from the National Climate Center, since the beginning of winter, the national average temperature has been minus 4.4°C, which is 0.6°C lower than the normal temperature of minus 3.8°C in the same period of the year, and is the sixth coldest since 2000.

Some people have said that this winter must be a "cold winter".

However, experts said that although everyone's body feels really cold recently, it will take some time to judge the freezing.

  From the statistical data, compared with the same period in history, the frequency of cold air activities since the beginning of winter has not been much.

In December 2020, there have been two cold air processes affecting my country, namely, the national type of strong cold air from December 13 to 15, 2020, and the national type of cold air from December 29, 2020 to January 1, 2021. Cold wave.

These two cold air processes have a wide range of influence and strong strength.

  In particular, the national cold wave weather process from December 29, 2020 to January 1, 2021, has a wide range of influence, strong intensity, and obvious wind chill effects in some areas. The area where the temperature drop exceeds 8 ℃ is 3.21 million square kilometers, a drop of more than The area with a temperature of 12℃ is 1.227 million square kilometers, and the area with a drop of more than 14℃ is 407,000 square kilometers.

  Considering its intensity and affected area, it

is the sixth cold wave weather process in the past 10 years


The National Climate Center predicts that in the later period, cold air activities will still be more frequent, and the temperature in some areas may continue to be low.

  However, experts said that people often keen to discuss this winter to

the end of a "warm winter" or "cold winter", is not yet complete conclusion


First, the continuous low temperature weather this winter is not too extreme in history; second, the current winter is not over yet.

It is expected that starting from late January, the temperature will gradually warm up and become higher than normal. In February, the temperature in most parts of the country will be close to the same period or higher than normal. Therefore, it cannot be said that this winter is the coldest winter in recent years. .

  Judging from the historical series of national average winter temperatures in the past few decades, my country has shown a warming trend as a whole, and since the 1980s, most winter temperatures have been higher than normal. In the past ten years and the winters of 2010, 2011, and 2012, the winter was significantly colder than normal. The coldest was the winter of 2011; the national average temperature in the winter of 2017 and 2018 was basically close to the same period of normal years. Both the northern and southern regions of my country have features that the temperature is significantly lower than normal in the same period of the year.