The Heritage Mission was entrusted to the facilitator Stéphane Bern.



Fifteen million euros will be paid by the Heritage Mission led by host Stéphane Bern to 101 sites selected and in need of urgent restoration, announced Wednesday January 6 the Heritage Foundation (FDP).

Every year since the launch of the initiative in 2017, the Bern mission and the FDP have selected castles, houses of character, churches, towers, lighthouses, mills, bridges, old factories ... which threaten to collapse without outside help, and the cost of restoration far exceeds the possibilities of the owners.

A single site is selected each year per metropolitan department and per overseas collectivity: a distribution born from the desire for aid to water the entire French territory equally.

These sums, which supplement public aid or self-financing, cannot exceed 300,000 euros per site.

The FDP will pay these subsidies to the project leaders as their work progresses, on presentation of invoices.

Boost local jobs

In this envelope of 15.2 million euros, appear mainly profits of the Loto du Patrimoine organized by the Française des Jeux (FDJ), but also a sponsorship of the FDJ, the proceeds of the sale of "pieces of History" by the Monnaie de Paris, a national Mission Patrimoine collection and sponsorship from the Christie's auction house.

Three sites, whose restoration project was not yet sufficiently ready, are postponed and will be the subject of a later decision, said the FDP.

A sum of 6.1 million euros had already been granted to 18 emblematic sites during the European Heritage Days 2020. All these restoration projects are supposed, in the mind of the initiators of the project, to boost local jobs, particularly in crafts.


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