Beijing's temperature refreshes the lowest record in the 21st century

  At 18:31 today (January 6), monitoring showed that the temperature in the southern suburbs of Beijing Observatory dropped to -17.1℃, breaking the lowest temperature record in Beijing since 2000. At present, the temperature in Beijing is still falling. It is estimated that the lowest temperature in Beijing may reach -19℃ tonight.

Why is Beijing so cold during this cold wave?

It's all "frozen", why doesn't it snow in Beijing?

During the day on the 6th, there was a strong wind to cool down in Beijing, and people felt "frozen".

(Photo/Wang Xiao)

Beijing experiences the coldest night since the 21st century

  Monitoring showed that at 18:31 on the 6th, the temperature at the Southern Suburb Observatory in Beijing dropped to -17.1℃, setting the lowest temperature record of -17℃ since 2000.

  At present, the temperature in Beijing continues to drop. The Beijing Meteorological Observatory predicts that tonight, the lowest temperature in Beijing may reach -19°C, which will be the coldest night in the 21st century; in addition, the temperature in Beijing will continue today until the 13th. On the low side, the lowest night temperature is below -10℃.


The cold wave followed one after another, and the temperature in Beijing "made worse"

  The cold wave is coming violently. The Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued warning signals of strong wind yellow and continuous low temperature yellow at 16:30 on the 5th. Up to now, the double warning is still in effect.

During the day today, the temperature in Beijing dropped. Monitoring showed that at 6:47 in the morning, the temperature in the Southern Suburb Observatory was -9.4℃; by 14:00, the temperature in the Southern Suburb Observatory was -11.2℃, and the temperature in most parts of the city was between -13℃ and -13℃. Between -10℃, gusts of 7 and 8 levels.

  According to Wang Weiyue, a meteorological analyst at China Weather Network, the reason why Beijing’s temperature dropped today is due to the cold wave. When the main body of cold air moves, the air temperature in the cold air mass is much lower than the surrounding air, causing it to pass through. The temperature of the surrounding air dropped sharply, resulting in a drop in temperature during the day.

  Why was Beijing so cold during this cold wave?

Wang Weiyue explained that after the cold wave at the end of 2020, the overall temperature in Beijing was at a low level. Although the temperature rose slightly during the New Year's Day holiday, it was still relatively sluggish.

The cold wave hits, and the low-altitude air-conditioning mass is even colder, making the already sluggish temperature even more frosty, and the wind-chill effect is obvious when the temperature is lowered with the windy weather, so people will feel more "to the bones" than the actual temperature cold.

Why is there no snow in Beijing when it is "frozen"?

Expert explanation: lack of water vapor

  It's so cold, why is there still no snow in Beijing?

According to Wang Weiyue’s analysis, the appearance of snowfall requires a combination of condensation nuclei, water vapor conditions, dynamic conditions, and low temperature in the air. During this cold wave, Beijing did not transport warm and humid air and the water vapor conditions were poor, so snowflakes would not “patronize” .

  China Weather.com reminds the public to pay more attention to the forecasts and warnings issued by the meteorological department during this period, to add clothes to keep warm in time, and to take measures to prevent wind and frost when traveling to avoid colds and other diseases.