The cost of removing "cataracts" and implanting a cornea

30 thousand dirhams saves Abu Muhammad from blindness

(Abu Muhammad), 59 years old (an Egyptian), has been suffering from cataracts in his eyes for nearly two years, and he needs to undergo an urgent surgery at Dubai Hospital to remove cataracts from his eyes and implant his cornea, to save him from blindness.

The cost of the surgery is 30,000 dirhams.

According to medical reports obtained by "Emirates Today" from Dubai Hospital, "The patient suffers from diabetes, which led to his infection (cataract), and greatly affected his right eye, which was blinded by 80%, while vision began in His left eye is gradually diminishing, which foretells that she will be blind in the short term. ”

The report added that «the patient needs to undergo an urgent operation, to take out (white water) and implant his cornea.

The cost of the operation is 15,000 dirhams per eye.

In the event of delay, he will lose sight of both eyes. ”

The patient told Emirates Today that he developed diabetes about five years ago.

He explained that he went to the emergency department at Dubai Hospital, after noticing the symptoms of the disease on him, and the doctor asked him to conduct some tests and analyzes.

The results showed that he does have diabetes (type 2).

He affirmed his commitment to taking medications regularly, adjusting his diet, exercising and walking, as recommended by his doctor.

He said, "My health improved a lot, and although the level of blood sugar was not consistently regular, I was controlling it with medication."

About two years ago, I noticed that I could not see clearly, so I went to a store that sells eyeglasses, took an eye test, and then got glasses. ”

The patient added: “I met an ophthalmologist at Dubai Hospital, and underwent medical examinations, the results of which showed that I had (cataract), and surgery must be performed to remove it. Otherwise, I would lose my sight and become blind.

He told me that the operation cost 30 thousand dirhams. ”

He (Abu Muhammad) added: "The problem is that I cannot afford the amount. I have been unemployed for nearly a year and a half, and I have a family of five, and I rely on the help of family and some friends to secure their needs."

He appealed to the patient with kind hearts to extend a good hand to him, to help him meet the costs of the surgery to save his life from blindness.

The report indicated that infection with "cataracts" causes blurry vision, increased sensitivity to light, vision of faded and yellow colors, double vision, difficulty seeing at night, and the need for stronger lighting when reading.

The "patient" suffers from diabetes, which led to his infection with "white water".