As I mentioned earlier, a lot of snow is pouring all over the place now.

A strong cold wave is also coming.

Let’s connect the weathercaster who is out of the field.

Nam Yujin Caster, it's been reconnecting in about 40-50 minutes, but it's been snowing down and accumulating?

<Caster> The

snow is constantly pouring out.

With so much snow pouring out in about two hours, the road and the sidewalk in front of me are now indistinguishable.

Also, the driving of the vehicles behind me seems not easy.

With a lot of snow falling and piled up during the night, you should pay special attention to traffic safety on the way to work tomorrow (7th).

The snow cloud belt is located in the western area.

A heavy snow warning has come into effect in western regions such as Seoul.

Up to 10cm of snow is expected in the central region, and most of this snow will stop tomorrow morning.

However, as the west coast of Chungnam, Honam, and Jeju will continue until next Monday, heavy snowfall will pour over 30cm in the western part of Honam and up to 50cm in the mountainous area of ​​Jeju.


It is said that this cold is the Arctic cold. How cold is it?


It will be really cold tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, so you can think of it like this.

Among the colds we have experienced over the past 20 years, we will find a strong cold wave that can be counted within five fingers.

A cold wave warning came into effect in 57 years in the production area of ​​Jeju Island.

The first cold wave warning was issued in Seoul this winter.

The North Pole was exceptionally warm this year.

When the North Pole is warm like this, the cold of the Arctic rushes to Korea like ice cream melts.

Arctic air of -50 degrees Celsius is coming into the sky above Korea.

Now the temperature in Seoul has already dropped to 5.5 degrees below zero.

Tomorrow morning, the temperature will be -15 degrees below zero and 24 degrees below zero.

The cold breeze blows all day long, so tomorrow will continue to be extremely cold even in the daytime.

It will be as cold as this morning at 10 degrees below zero in Seoul.

On Friday, this cold wave will peak and Seoul will drop to -17 degrees Celsius.

You should pay special attention to health care.

<Nam Yujin Weather Caster>