Queen Elizabeth will be honored by the Royal Mint on her 95th birthday in April with a special £ 5 coin.

The British Royal Mint has announced this.

Special royal anniversaries are more often marked with the issue of a commemorative coin.

The choice of a birthday coin for the Queen is remarkable because her husband Prince Philip hopes to turn 100 in June, but will not receive a coin.

Ten years ago, on his ninetieth birthday, that was still the case.

Also on his retirement in 2017, a special coin appeared as a thank you for seventy years of service to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

The now issued coin features a short sentence from Elizabeth's Christmas speech in 1957. She referred to earlier times when a monarch led his soldiers on the battlefield and leadership was close and personal.

"I cannot lead you in battle, I do not legislate or speak justice, but I can do something else. I can give you my heart and devotion," said Queen.


My heart and devotion

" are therefore the words on the coin designed by Timothy Noad.

He has surrounded the royal monogram with flowers representing the four parts of the United Kingdom, replacing the usual leek for Wales with the more pleasant-looking daffodil.

“For this design I made the flowers more natural and less formal than usual. I also felt that Her Majesty would rather have a daffodil than the more heraldically correct Welsh leek!” Said Noad.