Videoland starts the new year well with a lot of new films and series.


Het Huis Anubis

films are on the streaming service and

Big Brother is making

his comeback.

View below which titles will be published.


Anubis: The Path of 7 Sins

Not only

The Path of 7 Sins,

but also

Anubis and the wrath of Arghus, The house of Anubis and the return of Sibuna


The House of Anubis: The Five and the Wrath of Balor

are on the streaming service.


The Path of 7 Sins

, the teens of the series go on a school trip, but that goes differently than expected.

They end up in a ghost village, where they first hear about the ancient legend of Count Rohan.

Bride Wars

Childhood friends Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Liv (Kate Hudson) are future brides who both want to get married on the same day at the same location.

Wrong spray tans, blue hair and cut-up wedding dresses break their friendship.

Who will win this wedding war and have to reschedule her wedding day?


Watch the Bride Wars trailer


Grey's Anatomy

- seasons 1 to 16

The seventeenth season of the hospital drama has started in the United States.

We do not yet know when it will be shown in the Netherlands, but Videoland ensures that we are now happy with the first to sixteenth parts.

Meredith Gray and her colleagues experience a lot of drama at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Actress Ellen Pompeo really enjoys her role as the doctor, but her contract will expire in 2020.

So it could just be that the seventeenth season will be the end of

Grey's Anatomy


Big Brother

Big Brother

is making a big return.

Eight Dutch and Belgians lock themselves up in the big house for a hundred days.

You can follow the group 24/7 via Videoland.

Geraldine Kemper and Peter Van de Veire also kick off the season on RTL 4, RTL 5 and the Flemish channel Vier.