China News Service, Fuzhou, January 5 (Reporter Long Min) After opening, the total length reaches 3.2 meters, and there are hundreds of large and small parts. The large buildings along the central axis of the Forbidden City are all included: 10 Forbidden City palace buildings , 78 exquisite three-dimensional small organs, 93 pieces of historical knowledge, 26 interesting historical stories...The pop-up book "Opening the Forbidden City" produced by the gourd culture founded by "post-80s" Lin Bingyang, "opened" the Forbidden City for 600 years.

  "Last year was the 600th anniversary of the completion of the Forbidden City. Those of us who write books certainly hope to extend birthday greetings to the Forbidden City in the best way and in the best way, and let more children know and understand it." Lin Bingyang said.

  It is said that books are not easy to sell now, but in the face of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the sales of children's books in more than 60 self-operated online stores under Lin Bingyang are far ahead on all e-commerce platforms. Last year sales exceeded 700 million yuan (RMB, the same below) ), known as the "King of Chinese Children's Books" by the industry.

  This young entrepreneur, born in 1988, became a father in 2019. “Therefore, I feel more responsibility to let my children grow up in the'national tide'.”

  Lin Bingyang felt it was a coincidence to become attached to the book.

In 2007, he came to Fuzhou to study at a university, and opened a small bookstore in his spare time to sell teaching aids to earn living expenses.

After graduation, he naturally opened the bookstore "Brother Calabash".

  In the face of fierce competition, "Brother Hulu" established its own logistics team and launched the service of "Orders in the morning in the afternoon, orders in the afternoon and the next morning in the morning" in Fuzhou, which was highly praised by the market.

  In May 2014, Lin Bingyang, who noticed the changes in the market trend, determined that the children's book market had more space and began to enter the children's book market.

In just over a year, he has reached cooperation with major children's book publishing houses, and he has also figured out small doors for children's books.

In 2015, "Brother Hulu" became the sales champion of children's books on Tmall. It not only cooperated with more than 400 publishing houses across the country, but also created more than 2,000 book copyrights.

  After entering the children's book market, Lin Bingyang quickly discovered that the current high-end children's books in China are basically all imported from abroad. "We should have our own original high-quality children's books in China, and we must take the original road, even if it is difficult and dangerous."

  Therefore, Lin Bingyang searched all over the country and finally found Wang Wei, China's top arts and crafts master, and then founded the "Yue Ran Paper" series, starting a long road to original pop-up books.

Thus, "Opening the Forbidden City" was born.

  Lin Bingyang said that there are already many books about the Forbidden City, including text, comics, and picture books.

Therefore, I want to make a bold attempt to make the Forbidden City three-dimensional and restore its original appearance with a paper art three-dimensional structure to stimulate children's desire for exploration and curiosity.

  The "alive" Forbidden City immediately caused a sensation in the book market.

Before the 20-day crowdfunding period expired, 15,000 sets of books were sold out, with sales of nearly 3.5 million yuan (RMB, the same below).

Subsequently, within three months, "Opening the Forbidden City" sold more than 300,000 sets, with a sales code exceeding 100 million yuan.

Until now, "Opening the Forbidden City" is still being printed overtime, and demand exceeds supply.

  "This is the world's first pop-up book that vividly restores ancient paintings in the Forbidden City. Each book takes 1,440 hours to process and has more than 1,000 manual processes." Lin Bingyang said, hoping that this pop-up book can serve more children Bring a real "national tide" experience, and let cultural confidence take root in the hearts of Chinese children.

  At present, Gourd Culture has produced and published many pop-up books such as "Four Seasons of the Forbidden City" and "Our New Year".

In addition to publishing better quality children's books, "Gourd Brother" is actively leveraging its channel and supply chain advantages to launch physical children's book direct stores.

  Lin Bingyang said that at present, the "Gourd Brother Children's Book Direct Sales Store" has expanded in Fujian Province and is speeding up its deployment in other provinces.