China News Service, January 4th. The annual drama "Dajiang Dahe 2" produced by Sunshine at noon is currently on the air. The play is directed by Li Xue and Huang Wei, supervised by Kong Sheng, and starred by Wang Kai, Yang Shuo, Dong Zijian and Yang Caiyu.

Talking about the feelings of the second part, Wang Kai said that Song Yunhui should gradually adapt to his status as an independent helm.


  In the play, Song Yunhui began to show his wisdom in the handling of personnel relations. He didn't get acquainted with Director Lu and eventually became a close friend.

After that, Song Yunhui resembled a "Dinghai Shenzhen" stuck in the factory. As long as there was a problem, it was the right thing to go to Song Yunhui.

The problems in the development of the factory can always be solved in Song Yunhui's strategizing.

In dealing with his brothers Lei Dongbao and Yang Xun, Song Yunhui was also sentimental and righteous, as long as it was within the principles of things, he would do his best.

  In the latest plot, Song Yunhui once again faced severe challenges. He who "does nothing but sees right and wrong", not only had a disagreement between the factory decision-making level and the director of Ma Ma and others, but also suffered the incomprehension and double pressure of subordinate employees. Next, Song Yunhui showed his tough and domineering side, temporarily suppressing the storm, but how to solve the problem, the suspense still remains in the subsequent plot.

  In "Dajiang Dahe 2", Song Yunhui has made a big breakthrough in the image and temperament of his predecessor due to the change of identity and the increase in age. Wang Kai realized Song Yunhui's comprehensive "upgrade" through acting-a little more serious between his eyebrows and eyes And domineering; when dealing with superiors like Lu Xiaola and Lao Xu, he adds a bit of sophisticated in his speech and behavior, and he is no longer as reckless as a stunned boy.

  In this regard, Wang Kai said that Song Yunhui should gradually adapt to his status as an independent helm.

"The first part may only focus on some technical, professional, and practical aspects, but the second part may also involve the handling of personnel relations."