Beijing News (Reporter Wu Tingting) In the past two years, many provinces and cities across the country have launched apps that can complete qualification certification through smartphones.

Most of the people who qualify for social security benefits are retired elderly people, and the change in the certification method has made it easier for the elderly who have smart phones and can use them to access the Internet.

However, there are still many elderly people who do not use mobile phones to access the Internet, and even use non-smart phones. How to apply for the qualification certification of social security benefits for these elderly people?

  Recently, the reporter learned from the 12333 social security consultation hotline in Kunming, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Changsha, Qingdao and other cities that the social security departments of some provinces and cities can provide offline certification services for the elderly who do not know how to use mobile phones. The city advocates the use of online operations to complete the certification. If the elderly cannot use mobile phones, it is recommended to consult the community social security department.

  Old people don’t know how to use mobile phones to authenticate and have to help children

  In November of this year, Uncle Wu, who lives with his daughter in Beijing, ran into trouble because he had not operated the social security qualification certification on his mobile phone. Uncle Wu’s staff in Kunming, Yunnan made several calls to Beijing, hoping to be able to "Hand-in-hand" taught the old man to complete the authentication with his mobile phone.

  Uncle Ke Wu's operation of the smart phone is still at the stage of making and receiving calls. The old man hasn't figured out how the staff teaches it.

If this certification is not completed, it will affect the payment of retirement wages, and both of them are anxious.

  Uncle Wu, who didn't want to trouble her daughter, had to let her daughter help to complete the certification.

Uncle Wu told reporters that even with his daughter's help, there are many processes including user registration and ID shooting, especially the face recognition link. He shook his head and opened his mouth twice to complete the authentication.

  Uncle Wu said that in the past, the local social security qualifications were certified once a year. "It is indeed a bit troublesome for everyone to apply for it in a centralized manner. I originally wanted to change to intelligent certification, but I didn't expect that I could not operate a mobile phone.

  The reporter learned that in April this year, the Kunming Municipal Social Security Bureau announced that Kunming has begun to fully promote the self-service confirmation of mobile apps. All recipients of social insurance benefits in the city only need to download "Yunnan Human Resources and Social Security 12333" or "Yunnan Mobile Office" to carry out self-service confirmation. You can complete the self-service confirmation of eligibility for social security benefits at home,

  The staff of Uncle Wu’s original unit told reporters that in the second half of this year, he received a notice about the adjustment of social security qualification certification, and the adjustment was made to the mobile APP operation.

According to the requirements of the notice, qualification certification needs to be completed four times a year. As for when re-certification is required in the future, the staff said that the system may send reminder text messages, and the elderly and their families can pay attention to relevant text messages.

  Most cities advocate the use of mobile phone APP authentication

  Recently, the reporter called the 12333 social security service hotline in Changsha, Kunming, Nanjing, Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Shanghai and other cities to understand the process of social security qualification certification.

  Nanjing 12333 customer service staff said that it advocates the use of mobile apps and a QQ method for qualification certification.

For the elderly who do not use mobile phone authentication, the customer service staff said that they can use QQ online authentication, "each district has its own QQ number, and you can apply for appointment authentication."

  But not all senior citizens can successfully complete QQ certification.

In this regard, the staff said that in the past, the elderly could handle the application by mailing paper materials, but this method is no longer advocated, and the materials to be filled in are issued by the social security department. If the elderly have not received the paper filling form , The same can not be completed certification.

In view of this, the staff suggested that retired elderly people can contact the department in charge of social security in the street to ask if there are better suggestions or solutions.

  Shanghai is similar to Nanjing.

According to the customer service staff of Shanghai 12333, the social security qualification certification in Shanghai is once a year, and it is generally completed after face recognition using the mobile phone APP.

"According to the situation in previous years, if there are difficulties in mobile phone operation and authentication, you can report to the social security center and complete the certification by mailing household registration books and other materials." People contact.

The situation is different every year, and there was no on-site service before.


  Some cities still retain offline authentication methods

  For the elderly who do not know how to use mobile phones, 12333 customer service staff in some cities clearly stated that although the use of mobile phones to complete the certification is advocated, if the elderly have real difficulties, they can seek help from the social security departments in each district.

In addition, some cities still retain traditional authentication methods.

  Kunming 12333 customer service staff said that the elderly who cannot complete the certification can go to the social security department, and the staff can help the elderly complete the mobile phone certification operation or on-site manual certification.

  For those who cannot use the "Beijing Pass-Social Security Certification" service system in Beijing, the employer or their social security agency can assist in offline certification.

  The certification methods in Changsha include online self-certification, agency certification, community certification, unit certification, mobile phone self-certification, and traditional mobile phone certification.

  The authentication methods of Xiangtan City include currently logging on to the portal website of Xiangtan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau "Online Application"; using a smart phone to search for the relevant APP, install and register, and follow the steps prompted by the software to directly authenticate via the phone.

The elderly can also carry a second-generation ID card to the nearest street (township) or community for authentication.

  Retirees who live within the city and who cannot undergo face recognition authentication due to long-term serious illnesses can be provided with on-site authentication services by social security personnel.

In addition, retirees who live in a different place and cannot perform face recognition authentication can complete the authentication by sending the "Retirees Living in Other Places Pension Qualification Assistance Certification Form to the social security agency receiving pensions."

  Qingdao and Guangzhou launch big data automatic certification

  Compared with the authentication method that still needs to brush the face, automatic big data authentication can be more convenient for the elderly.

According to the staff of 12333 in Qingdao, the city’s social security qualification certification has been adjusted to automatic big data certification, which is a static default certificate. Retirees do not need to scan their faces or operate mobile phones, but complete the certification through automatic big data comparison.

  Public information shows that since the implementation of the "Qingdao FAST certification model" in August 2018, nearly 2 million recipients of social insurance benefits in the city do not need to actively pay attention to whether they are eligible to receive it. There is zero perception throughout the process and the certification service is "quiet."

  A small number of big data platforms are unable to determine the eligibility for their treatment (1% of the city's monthly rate), give priority to remind them to pass the mobile phone facial recognition through SMS, WeChat, etc.; a very small number of people who need to go to the bottom to verify the treatment, the grassroots work Personnel on-site service.

  According to the staff of 12333 in Guangzhou, the social security qualification certification of local residents with household registration in Guangzhou is also completed by big data.

The reporter learned that local residents with household registration in Guangzhou implement a monthly authentication method of information comparison.

The Guangzhou Municipal Social Security Agency checks the monthly eligibility for basic pension insurance benefits of retirees living in Guangzhou with Guangzhou’s household registration through the comparison of Guangzhou’s public security household registration information. Those who pass the qualification certification will continue to issue pensions; If passed, the pension will be suspended from the following month.

Retirees of this type do not need to go to the social security agency or retiree management agency to go through the qualification certification.