On the 4th in Kumamoto prefecture, it was found that 27 new people were infected with the new coronavirus.

Infection was confirmed in 14 men and women in their 20s to 50s in Kumamoto City, a teenage male junior high school student in Kikuyo Town, a male office worker in his 20s in Udo City, and medical care in his 40s in Hikawa Town. Male worker, 3 girls under 10 years old in Yatsushiro city and unemployed woman in 70s, girl under 10 years old in Ashikita town, self-employed man in 60s in Kikuyo city, 40s in Mifune town A female medical worker.

Infection was also confirmed in two males in their twenties who were visiting Kumamoto City from Fukuoka Prefecture and a teenage male student who was visiting Minamata City from Tokyo on a trip.

With this, a total of 1981 people have been confirmed to be infected in the prefecture.