The deer killed on Saturday by a hunting crew in Compiègne.



  • With the deconfinement, the huntsmen were able to resume their hunting activities.

  • A hunt was organized on Saturday in the national forest of Compiègne, in the Oise.

  • Two anti-hunting activists ended up in hospital for trying to film the death of a deer.

Disrupted in their practice of hunting with hounds due to confinements linked to the coronavirus epidemic, the huntsmen are back in the woods.

This was the case, Saturday, in the forest of Compiègne, in the Oise, with the crew "La Futaie des Amis" led by its controversial leader, Alain Drach.

On the heels of the hunters, around twenty activists from the AVA association (Abolissons la vénerie today), two of whom were injured while trying to film the killing of a deer.

Barely 19 years old, Keely spends most of her Wednesdays and Saturdays in the Compiègne forest with her comrades from AVA, an anti-hunting association of which she has been a member for four years already.

Last Saturday, the activists had therefore met in the woods to disrupt the exit of the crew of the La Futaie des Amis game.

By disturb, the activists intend to film, follow the hunters and disturb them enough for the animal being pursued to escape alive.

Tensions between pro and anti are constant without however systematically turning into a fight.

“The stag is beautiful.

Well now he's dead ”

On Saturday, therefore, the hunt had started at 10:30 am "They found a deer rather quickly, which means that the animal was pursued for nearly 3 hours by the hunters," says Keely.

After all this time, the animal, exhausted, tried to find refuge in a pond.

It was from that moment that things got out of hand.

“About fifteen militants went into the water shouting to the hunters not to shoot.

Despite the risk of injuring us, the deer was shot, ”continues the young woman.

“The stag was beautiful.

Now he's dead, ”even said a follower of the crew.


For their 1st hunt in 2021, the hunters kill a deer taking refuge in an icy pond and send 2 people to the emergency room in a surge of violence



- AVA Compiègne (@AvaCompiegne) January 3, 2021

When the hunters lifted the animal from the water, some tried to prevent activists from filming the scene.

On the video published by AVA, we can clearly see hunters violating opponents.

“A friend of mine was being beaten up so I filmed my phone screaming.

There, one of the huntsmen tried to tear off my phone, then pushed me and I hit my back in a tree while falling from the embankment, ”says Keely.

Alain Drach refutes accusations of violence

The young woman was also transported in a stretcher to the hospital and could not come out until the evening.

Another activist was also hospitalized, injured by a hoof strike.

"We filed four complaints for acts of violence in meetings," says Keely.

"I deny any violent action on the part of hunters and hunters", for his part declared the boatswain, Alain Drach, to our colleagues from

Oise Hebdo


A man who had already been talked about many times in the past.

In October 2017, he had shot a deer that had taken refuge in the garden of a house in Lacroix-Saint-Ouen, in the Oise.

An act that had sparked a wave of indignation up to the Ministry of Ecological Transition, where the then minister, Nicolas Hulot, denounced a "practice from another era".


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