Chantal Janzen has

gained a new skill

thanks to the presentation of

Beat the Champions


The presentation learned to talk very quickly, because she has to read the questions from the new knowledge quiz at a rapid pace, she says in conversation with

The participants of

Beat the Champions

have a broad knowledge and have to compete against the 'champions': five equally smart people, including science journalist Diederik Jekel.

In the final round, this happens in a race against time, where there is an enormous amount of prize to be won.

"Whoever touches the zero seconds first has lost. It is actually a matter of whether I read the questions quickly enough," Janzen says in conversation with "So you feel enormously responsible, because I can do it. depends on whether the candidate wins a large amount - or not. I have developed a new skill with it, I can now talk a lot faster, haha. "

It occasionally caused a lot of laughter in the workplace.

"The recording manager of the program got a giggle now and then because he couldn't see my lips moving. I still thought: if I read the questions for the champions a little more slowly, then I give the candidate a little more chance. But that doesn't work. : It's like running on a piece of equipment. You can't slow down or you'll fall off. "


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'I don't care what the competition does'

Presenting a knowledge quiz had long been on Janzen's list.

"Coincidentally, the day before I was asked to do this, I told Peter (van der Vorst, program director, ed.) That I would really enjoy presenting a real knowledge quiz. A quiz with time constraints, tension and in which you can tell people a lot. can win money. I love programs like

One against 100


BankGiro Millionaires

. "

But presenting a quiz is a different branch of sport than watching it on the couch, the presenter acknowledges.

"You have few handles, there is not a whole show around it, so you really have to make something out of it yourself. But I really want to learn that. In other programs I already mastered what needed to be done, but this is new. We are planned for the new season of

Heel Holland Bakt

, but for the first time I don't care what the competition is doing. "

Janzen and the viewer are bombarded with facts during the program.

Does the presenter remember anything about that?

"Certainly not in the final - I'm just trying to get the questions out of my mouth as quickly as possible. With the multiple choice questions that works better. I did notice that it is very frustrating that the candidates give a wrong answer, that you yourself do. I would prefer to wink to give the candidate a signal. But more than "Are you sure?"

I can't ask questions. "

It did not inspire Janzen to participate in a trivia game or pub quiz more often.

"I find it much better to lead. I always wanted to be Jack van Gelder in the past. I think commenting and leading the game is fantastic."

Beat the Champions

can be seen every Sunday at 8 p.m. from 3 January on RTL 4.