Responsible for 93 murders .. The death of the worst serial killer in US history

Samuel Little, who is described by the US Federal Police as the worst serial killer in the history of the United States, died after he admitted to committing 93 murders, Wednesday at the age of 80, according to the California Prisons Authority.

The cause of death will be officially determined after an autopsy was conducted in Los Angeles, where he had been imprisoned since the end of 2014.

Samuel Little admitted killing 93 people, the majority of whom were women, and the Federal Police (FBI) confirmed his responsibility for at least fifty of these crimes.

The former boxer killed his victims, who in most cases were isolated women from minorities, by violent blows or suffocation.

Little began a life sentence in 2014 after he was convicted of killing three women, but since then he has admitted responsibility for killing dozens of others between 1970 and 2005, in about fifteen US states, in crimes that did not receive much attention in most of them.

The police believe that all of Little's confessions are credible, and they have also created a webpage that shows video confessions in which the serial killer speaks in detail, often with his face, about the way in which he committed his crimes, whose victims were not identified.

Simulations were also published, based on information the killer had recalled, in an attempt to identify the victims.

The "FBI" said through the mentioned website that "many of these deaths were attributed to drug overdoses or accidental accidents or without specifying any cause."

Also, some of the bodies were never found. ”

Samuel Little, also known as Samuel McDowell, was arrested for the first time in 2012 at a Kentucky Homeless Center.

He was transferred to California as part of a drug case.

After his arrival there, DNA fragments revealed to the authorities his involvement in three pending cases, as well as permitting his 2014 conviction for the murder of three women in Los Angeles between 1987 and 1989.

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