When actor Si-wan Lee revealed that he liked all the foods that he liked and disliked severely, the netizens' reaction continued.

Lee Si-wan, who has consistently revealed his food preferences on social media, said yesterday (30th) that he likes'a beverage with a scent of pine needles'.

Then, the netizens were embarrassed, saying, "Im Si-wan's taste is serious."

Netizens said that Lee Si-wan's appetite was "generous and unbiased," and said, "God is fair as well. He gave only a face and not a taste", "Aren't you not sure what dislike means?" He expressed his feelings of embarrassment with witty comments such as"

In addition, netizens with the same taste as Lee Si-wan appeared and commented on the subject, such as "Is this a good taste with a handsome face?", "I can love you even with that taste" I also made a laugh.

(Photo = Lim Si-wan Instagram)

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