[Explanation] 2020 coincides with the 30th anniversary of the promulgation of the Basic Law of Hong Kong. It is also the first time that the Department of Justice of Hong Kong has organized a legal summit forum on the 30th anniversary of the promulgation of the Basic Law with the theme of "tracing the origin".

Hong Kong's Secretary of Justice Zheng Ruohua said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency that the enactment of the National Security Law not only restores prosperity and stability to Hong Kong society, but also returns "one country, two systems" to its original aspirations.

  [Concurrent] Hong Kong Secretary of Justice Zheng Ruohua

  The National Security Law allows us to return to the original intention of "one country, two systems", which is to maintain the country's territorial integrity and unity. This one is the most important.

And because of this national security law, we went from chaos to governance, allowing us to return to our (normal) life, and also restored the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong.

  [Commentary] Zheng Ruohua emphasized that it is not easy for Hong Kong to go from chaos to governance. She said that in 2019, there were many social chaos in Hong Kong, and even the voice of "Hong Kong independence" and other secession of the country appeared.

Under these circumstances, the promulgation of the Hong Kong National Security Law is very necessary.

  [Concurrent] Hong Kong Secretary of Justice Zheng Ruohua

  The situation in Hong Kong last year, the special social riots, and many chaotic situations, many (outlaws) deliberately damaged other people's property and endangered their personal safety.

Moreover, there have been many "Hong Kong independence" emergence and some voices of secession, so the decision and legislation of the National Security Law, this one is very appropriate and necessary.

  [Explanation] Zheng Ruohua emphasized that although the "Regulations Amendment Disturbance" in 2019 has ended, Hong Kong society has also begun to get back on track.

However, the most urgent task at the moment is to complete the legislative work of Article 23 of the Basic Law as soon as possible. This is also the constitutional responsibility clearly stated in the Hong Kong National Security Law.

  [Concurrent] Hong Kong Secretary of Justice Zheng Ruohua

  In the National Security Law, it is clearly stated that we must complete our constitutional responsibilities as soon as possible.

So this is the responsibility of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and must be done.

When we have the National Security Law, we have a clear foundation when we go to legislate, so that the legislation of Article 23 can be completed better and smoothly.

  [Explanation] Zheng Ruohua said that the formulation of the Hong Kong National Security Law has clarified the standards for acts endangering national security, and has played a stabilizing and far-reaching role for the Hong Kong public to know the law, understand the law, observe the law, and carry out national security education.

  [Concurrent] Hong Kong Secretary of Justice Zheng Ruohua

  With the National Security Law, it is clear that certain behaviors that endanger national security, qualitatively, and clearly written out. In the long run, it is very important for us to understand the law as a whole.

In terms of education, since Article 9 and Article 10 are mentioned in the National Security Law, they all mention how to make the concept of national security better in terms of education. This is actually necessary.

Therefore, the immediate enforcement of the national security law and long-term education have played a very important role, allowing us to achieve stability and long-term development.

  Reporter Liang Yuan from Hong Kong

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]