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There are just over 24 hours left for New Year's Eve and the infections exceed 15,000.

The report published today by the Ministry of Health

shows another 16,716 since yesterday

(2,627 more than on Tuesday, when 14,089 were notified).

This is slightly higher than the last counts.

In addition, the concern is greater as it is the highest

figure since last November 13, a month and a half ago


The positives that day were 21,371.

In this way, the people who have been infected with the virus since the beginning of the pandemic in our country are already



Of the more than 15,000 new confirmed diagnostic tests,

9,860 have been carried out in the last 24 hours

(the rest correspond to tests carried out in previous days, but which had not yet been positive).

A third of them are concentrated in Madrid, which today exceeds 3,000 (specifically, 3,056);

region followed by Catalonia (2,573).

The deaths, however, leave a less alarming number than the previous day.

After 320 were reported on Tuesday,

the official count today reported 247 more


These are added to the total number of deaths, which amounts to 50,689.

(not yet including deaths in residences).

In the last week, 646 people have lost their lives.


exceeds a hundred deaths in this period of time by adding 129. For its part,


scores 86;


, 78;

Castilla and León

, 49;


, 44;


Basque Country

, 42;


, 41;


, 38;


, 31;


, 22;

Castilla La Mancha

, 20;


, 18;


, 15;


, 11;

and the

Balearic Islands

, 10. In addition,


accumulates seven deaths;


La Rioja

, five.





are the only ones that have not reported any deaths in the last seven days.

The increasing rate of cumulative incidence (AI) -number of confirmed cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days- makes the national average get closer and closer to 300 infections.

The Health report already registers

a rate of 265 infections

(10 points more than yesterday).

The Balearic Islands continue to be the one that worries the most, reporting an alarming AI of 528 cases.

Other regions with a level that exceeds 300 positives are Extremadura (459), Valencia (377), Madrid (371), Catalonia (349) and Castilla La Mancha (308).

On the other hand,

2,009 infected have been admitted in the last seven days

, most of them in Valencia (416), Andalusia (212), as well as in Catalonia and Galicia (207).

According to the latest report, Spain currently has

11,905 people hospitalized for coronavirus

, 127 less than on Tuesday, when the figure was 12,032.

Catalonia continues to lead in this ranking, with 3,089 infected patients, followed by Madrid, which registers 1,975;

and Valencia, with 1,875.

Of the 2,009 admitted,

191 have required intensive care

in the same period of time and 71 more in the last hours.

Thus, the global number of patients who have entered this hospital unit is 18,167.

Regarding the care capacity of hospitals

, the average number of beds occupied by patients with Covid-19 in Spain, not including other pathologies, is 9.80%.

Intensive care beds present a higher percentage:



The regions of greatest concern in this regard are Catalonia (34%), the Balearic Islands (31%) and Valencia (29%).

We must insist on the fact that these data do not include patients admitted for other diseases, so that the percentage of general hospital occupancy is higher.

At the European level, Spain continues in fifth place in the number of infections, behind




(2,574,041), the

United Kingdom

(2,382,865) and



In addition, Italy is at the forefront in terms of deaths, reaching a total of 73,029.

With more than 70,000 deaths, the United Kingdom also ranks (71,567);

and with more than 60,000, France (64,078).

Our country remains in fourth place (also behind Russia, which reports 55,827 deaths), with the deaths already mentioned.

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