Countdown to 2021 New Year's Eve!

Do you remember the New Year's Eve party that was swiped by Bilibili from "Xiaopozhan" last year?

Yes, this year, it's here again.

In addition, Wuhan will become four sub-stages together with Beijing, Hong Kong and Taipei.

  Every year in the New Year's Eve party, the TVs are all gearing up, investing a lot of manpower and material resources in hopes of competing for ratings.

Recently, China Central Television announced the guest list for the 2021 New Year's Eve celebration. The highlight is CBA player Guo Ailun.

According to the dynamic display of Guo Ailun's Weibo, it seems that he will sing the song "True Hero" on the same stage with Huang Jingyu.

The New Year's Eve concert on Mango Channel is also coming. According to the official lineup of guests, in addition to Li Yifeng, Wang Yibo and other male stars, the sister group in "Sisters Riding the Wind and Waves" will also be on stage again.

  When each David TV announced its New Year's Eve lineup, Station B once again "worn a battle armor" and competed with each other's eyesight.

  In 2019, Station B launched the New Year's Eve party for the first time and it was completely out of the circle. As soon as it went online, it received close to 80 million views. The Douban score was as high as 9.2 points. It was rated as "the most worthwhile feast of the times in so many years" by netizens.

The cultural elements that often appear in orthodox evenings have all become dishonest under the mashup of "willfulness": "Jasmine" is paired with Luo Tianyi, "Good Luck" is sung by Feng Timo, and "A Laugh from the Sea" After the performance it turned out to be "Contra"...too many famous scenes.

  After the New Year's Eve party, the market value of station B soared by 5 billion yuan, even with

And on December 31, this year's B station New Year's Eve is also coming soon.

After the official announcement, the theme film "No More Withdrawal" has attracted widespread attention as soon as it went online.

The film adopts a first-person perspective and begins with a monologue from the earth: "I messed it up. Before I had time to react, all this happened." Next, the epidemic, the Australian fire, the death of Kobe, and the Olympics did not take place as scheduled. ...The major hot issues made the protagonist 2020 feel "sad". It said he was sick and wanted to press the undo button to withdraw everything that happened in 2020... But on the last night of 2020, everyone called in different languages "2020": "It's okay, thank you." The film also expresses just as the title indicates, expressing grief for everything that happened in 2020, but it is still reconciled with 2020.

It tells everyone in an anthropomorphic way: time is in order and cherish the future.

The future can be expected and there is no need to withdraw.

  From the perspective of the host lineup, because it is hand in hand with CCTV, last year's hosts were Zhu Guangquan and Chen Chao, and this year's hosts were Sa Beining, Chen Chao and He Bing.

Last year, when Zhu Guangquan was presiding over the scene, he kept making jokes, and this year's "famous mouth" Sa Beining is also very exciting.

  What's interesting is that in the variety show "Hello Life" that was launched recently, Sa Bening still doesn't know what station B is. When Cai Ming gave him science popularization, he still took a small notebook to make notes.

Later, it was revealed that he was invited to be the host of the New Year's Eve party at station B. It can be seen that station B has been "schemingly" eyeing Sa Beining since then.

  In the guest lineup, all age groups are considered at Station B.

Not only old singers like Han Hong and Tengger, but also powerful singers such as Deng Ziqi and Nicholas Tse will help out, as well as powerful young singers such as Zhou Shen, Cui Jian, and Mao Buyi.

  It is worth mentioning that Han Hong may appear as a rapper in this evening party. After all, her rap debut this year was a great success; and Tengger's "Magic Reform" has created a lot of brainwashing magic. I don’t know what sparks the cooperation with "Xiaopozhan" can bring?

The audience will wait and see.

  Text/Reporter Chen Si

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