Since the beginning of this year, the regiment has been focusing on the needs of the battlefield, insisting on training according to the guidelines, paying attention to strict and difficult requirements, focusing on the important and difficult subjects in the training, and constantly beating and training the troops in urgent, difficult, dangerous and heavy tasks, and tempering the officers and soldiers to be good military Skills, the actual combat training level of the troops has been significantly improved.

Organizing marches in complex and unfamiliar regions, practicing tactics, commanding, coordination, and skills. The officers and soldiers are often covered in dirt on sunny days and mud on rainy days, but no one has ever complained or screamed tired.

With their superb martial arts, they broke through the dangerous hurdles, drove the king of land warfare on the battlefield, and wrote the story of a strong army preparing for war on the northwestern frontier of the motherland.

Yuan Kai's photographic report Image source: China Military Network

Release time: 2020-12-28 15:19:42 【Editor: Yang Yanyu】