Police investigating "star health treasure photos" leaked, there are still people selling

Inquiry about health treasure has been "encrypted" for others

  After the incident of online selling star Healthbao photos aroused public attention, the police and the Healthbao development department have taken corresponding actions.

On December 29, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily discovered that the current function of Healthbao to query nucleic acid test results for others has been "encrypted", and the corresponding query can only be performed after the person's face is recognized.

However, the act of selling photos that was criticized by netizens before is still happening on some social platforms.

The lawyer said that the trafficking of pictures on the star health treasure has been suspected of infringing on the portrait rights, and serious cases can be held accountable.


5 cents 100!

Someone is selling celebrity health treasure photos

  "45 sheets of two yuan", "70 sheets of two yuan"... Recently, someone used the Internet to clearly mark the price of the celebrity's health treasure photos, so blatantly infringing on the privacy of citizens, the police and relevant departments stated that they have been involved in the investigation.

  Yesterday, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily found that there are still related transactions on social platforms, and there are also a large number of keywords including "seeking private" and "private posting" for soliciting and selling in the Weibo comment area involving certain celebrities.

A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily randomly selected three sellers and found that in some chat groups, they could directly see the pictures of the celebrity health treasures that were circulated. There are still people trying to sell them, but the selling prices are not the same.

These celebrity health treasure photos have different types such as 80 pieces of 1 yuan, 100 pieces of 0.5 yuan, and 45 pieces of 2 yuan. The price of a single piece ranges from 0.005 yuan to 0.04 yuan.

  After adding one of the sellers to WeChat and paying 0.5 yuan, the reporter of Beijing Youth Daily received the Baidu network disk link and the network disk extraction code from him. It contains 100 celebrity health treasure photos, including Yi Qianqianxi, Wang Junkai, Photos of popular celebrities such as Zhu Yilong, Xiao Zhan, Song Weilong.

  In the screenshot of the health treasure received by the reporter of Beiqing Daily, there are not only the star's photo, name and abbreviation of the ID number, but also the star's nucleic acid testing agency, testing time and results.

In addition to paid sales, the reporter found that some netizens still share free of charge.

  Regarding the "star health treasure photo leakage" incident, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily called the technical department of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology, and the other party said there would be an official notification.

The staff of Zhongguancun Science City Urban Brain Co., Ltd., the research and development institution of Healthbao, said that they are following up and investigating the matter, and will report any progress in time.


The search function has been "encrypted"

  Yesterday afternoon, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily tried to use the function of “Beijing Healthbao” to check the nucleic acid test results on behalf of others, and found that it was different from the previous situation where only the name and ID number were needed. The current query must use face recognition authentication. Only photos of the inquired person can use this function.

Compared with previous media reports that only need to enter the name and ID number of the person being queried, this function has been improved.

  In response to the leak of celebrity photos that are of concern to public opinion, Qi'anxin data security and privacy protection experts suggest: First, application providers should strengthen the protection of personal information technical mechanisms, such as multi-validation to strengthen identity management, least privilege management, and security for privileged accounts Management and control, etc.; second, regulatory agencies should continue to carry out personal information protection technical testing, and increase accountability for infringements of user privacy, so that the whole society has an awareness of protecting personal information; third, relevant departments and enterprises should focus on strengthening the Network information security education to improve users’ own security awareness and ability.

For individuals, don’t just scan the unknown QR code to prevent "fishing incidents" from happening.


Selling others' photos without authorization constitutes infringement

  Regarding the issue of star health treasure photos being sold, lawyer Jin Jiannan of Beijing Huazhitao Law Firm believes that if the seller sells his photos without his consent for profit, the seller has constituted an infringement.

According to Article 100 of my country's "General Principles of Civil Law", "Citizens enjoy the right of portrait, and without their consent, no one may use a citizen's portrait for profit."

  The Opinions of the Supreme People’s Court on Several Issues Concerning the Implementation of the “General Principles of the Civil Law of the People’s Republic of China” (for trial implementation) Article 150 stipulates that “citizens’ right to name, portrait, reputation, honor, and legal person’s right to name and reputation If the right of honor is infringed, and a citizen or legal person requests compensation for losses, the people’s court may determine its liability for compensation based on the degree of the infringer’s fault, the specific circumstances, consequences and impact of the infringement.” Article 151 stipulates that “infringement” Where the rights of name, name, portrait, reputation, and honor of others benefit, the infringer shall not only compensate the victim’s losses in accordance with the law, but the illegal gains shall be confiscated.” Therefore, the relevant right holder may request the other party to stop the infringement and compensation.

  If the staff of the relevant departments disclose the personal information of citizens, they will determine what responsibilities they should bear according to the specific circumstances.

  Text/Reporter Dong Zhenjie and intern Ding Dong