, December 29th. The domestic "first face recognition case" that has received widespread attention is in the second trial today.

According to the WeChat official account of the "Hangzhou Intermediate Court", on the afternoon of December 29, 2020, the Hangzhou Intermediate Court held a public trial of the second instance of the service contract dispute between Guo Bing and Hangzhou Wildlife World Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wildlife World).

Picture source: WeChat public account of "Hangzhou Intermediate Court"

  The dispute caused by the way of entering the park in Wildlife World has received widespread attention because it involves personal biometric information such as fingerprints and faces.

On November 20, 2020, the Fuyang Court made a first-instance verdict on the case. Guo Bing and Wildlife World both expressed dissatisfaction and appealed to the Hangzhou Intermediate Court.

On December 11, 2020, Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court accepted the case.

  Guo Bing’s appeal held that part of Wildlife World’s store notices and SMS notifications involving personal biometric information are unfair and unreasonable provisions for consumers and should be invalid, and Wildlife World is collecting and using Guo Bing’s personal biometric information. In the process of fraud, all personal information involved in Guo Bing's handling and use of the annual card should be deleted.

Wildlife World appealed that Guo Bing’s claim for the loss of transportation expenses was unreasonable, and Wildlife World’s collection of Guo Bing’s personal biometric information was not improper and there was no need to delete relevant information.

  In the trial of the second instance, based on the pre-trial meeting, both parties discussed “how to judge Wildlife World’s collection and use of Guo Bing’s personal biometric information (including whether some of the contents of the Wildlife World related shop notices and SMS notifications are invalid, Whether there is fraud in the world), the original judgment on whether the handling of personal information deletion is appropriate, etc. have fully expressed opinions.

  The case was broadcast live on the China Trial Open website, and some provincial and municipal people’s congress representatives and CPPCC members attended the trial.

  The case will choose a date for judgment.