Chinanews, Beijing, December 27 (Reporter Du Yan) Beijing's new policy on the number of passenger cars will be officially implemented on January 1 next year.

Today, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation stated that January 1 to March 8 is the time for applicants to fill in and submit applications, "car-free families" application indicators, couples applying to change registered vehicles, and "one person with multiple vehicles" owners Applications for transferring registered vehicles to relatives and other businesses can be declared through designated websites, and the declaration period is as long as 67 days.

There is basically no relationship between the time of reporting for related businesses and the availability of indicators, and the time for completing the vehicle change registration or transfer registration. There is no need for applicants to declare first.

  No need to get together to report, "discuss well, ask clearly, understand, and declare again"

  The Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation stated that when applying for indicators with a family as a unit, the family members should reach an agreement before the declaration. The main applicant should accurately grasp the relevant information of all family applicants in accordance with the conditions stipulated in the policy. Be clear, see clearly, and then declare” to ensure that the information is accurate in order to pass the review.

  For “car-free families” who apply for the index of ordinary passenger cars, the total family points will give the “car-free families” the corresponding probability of winning the lot, which has nothing to do with the time of declaration; Only when the total points are the same, will the family applicants be registered in the order of registration time in the passenger car index control management information system.

As long as one of the family members has applied for the indicator, it means that the family already has the "system registration time", which has nothing to do with the time when the application is submitted this time.

  The business application for the change of registration of vehicles between husband and wife and the owners of "one person with multiple vehicles" to transfer registered vehicles to relatives shall be reviewed by public security and civil affairs departments after the declaration.

After the review is passed, the public security traffic management department will provide services through the mode of "online appointment first, then on-site processing", regardless of the time of submission of the application.

  Car-free families "abandon their numbers", and all family members are not allowed to participate in the allocation of car quotas within ten years

  In addition, the relevant person in charge of the Beijing transportation department mentioned in a festival a few days ago that the New Deal added "car-free households" as a unit to lottery and lottery, on the basis of individual participation in common indicator lottery and new energy indicator waiting allocation methods. The index configuration method for point sorting.

  What needs to be clear is that if you submit an application as a family unit, you can choose to apply for both general indicators (oil vehicle indicators) and new energy indicators (pure electric vehicle indicators).

But the same family can only obtain one indicator in the end.

If the new energy indicator has been obtained on a household basis, according to the household application indicator rules, all household applicants cannot apply for the small passenger car indicator within ten years.

In other words, after car-free families "abandon their number", all family members are not allowed to participate in the allocation of car quotas for ten years.

  From today to December 31, the Beijing Municipal Passenger Car Index Regulation Management Information System will be upgraded, and the system account functions of individuals and units will be suspended.

During this period, the content published on the homepage of the system website is displayed normally. Applicants who need to inquire about the results of the sixth configuration indicator lottery in 2020 can download and view in the announcement column.

For individuals and organizations whose application deadline for updating indicators for passenger cars falls between December 27, 2020 and December 31, 2020, the application deadline will be extended to January 31, 2021.