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Mother Gerard Joling in hospital Gerard Joling

's mother is in hospital because she fractured her sternum.

The singer reports this on Instagram.

In his post, he expresses the hope that she will recover soon.

"I took her to the emergency room yesterday because she was in so much pain," said Joling, who says that his mother fell last week. she fixes up quickly. "

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Patty Brard celebrates Christmas with daughter

2020 was the year for Patty Brard that she and her daughter Priscilla were reunited after eleven years of no contact.

Now they finally celebrate Christmas together, as can be seen on the Instagram account of the presenter on Saturday.

"May all your dreams come true! MERRY XMAS everybody", she writes with a loving photo of her and her daughter.

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Dwayne Johnson shares daughter's reaction on Christmas morning

Via Instagram, Dwayne Johnson shares a photo of his five-year-old daughter Jasmine, who is surprised on Christmas morning by all the gifts under the tree.

"This response is what it's all about," Johnson writes.

"To be clear", the actor continues.

"Santa ate all the cookies. That other great guy, Dwanta, was awake until 4 in the morning because of too much sugar. What a coincidence."

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Gordon is "gay alone" during Christmas

Gordon will experience a lonely Christmas this year, but the singer knows how to give substance to it in his own way.

"For the first time in 52 years just alone at Christmas, but I actually like it! It is what it is," Gordon writes.

In the photo he can be seen on the poster of the Christmas classic Home Alone, except that he made it "Homo Alone" for a change. 

His followers, including Bram Krikke and Ellemieke Vermolen, can appreciate the joke and post smiling emojis under the post in multiple ways.

a few seconds ago

Sylvie Meis enjoys Christmas in Amsterdam with son Damián

Sylvie Meis is in Amsterdam to celebrate Christmas Eve with her brother Daniel.

The 42-year-old presenter shares a photo on Instagram with her 14-year-old son, Damián.

For a long time it was uncertain whether he could celebrate Christmas with her, due to the corona measures.

Meis stated several times that she found the thought unbearable, but last week she couldn't get over her luck when he got home anyway.

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

Famke Louise shares Christmas message to Diederik Gommers

Famke Louise heralds the Christmas period with a parody video for Diederik Gommers.

The 22-year-old singer has replaced her ex-boyfriend Ronnie Flex with Gommers in her Christmas single

Only Door Jou

, which she released two years ago.

In the caption, the influencer emphasizes that keeping a distance of 1.5 meters is normally very important.

Famke Louise shares parody video with Diederik Gommers

a few seconds ago

Estavana Polman enjoys Christmas Eve with daughter 

Estavana Polman is busy with her three-year-old daughter Jesslyn.

On Instagram, the handball player shows how the two are cozy with each other and wishes her followers a merry Christmas.

“One face, you two,” one follower noted in the comments.

7 hours ago

Arjen Lubach shares photo of a leg in a cast

Arjen Lubach shares a photo on Instagram in which his right leg appears to be in a red cast.

"2020 goodbye present. Auw", said the presenter, who does not explain what happened.

yesterday at 11:39 PM

Monique Westenberg goes for blonde bob haircut

Monique Westenberg and André Hazes close 2020 with a special photo shoot for

Talkies Magazine


Especially for that photo report, Westenberg has had a new haircut: a blonde bob.

Via Instagram, she wishes all her followers happy holidays.

yesterday at 6:15 PM

Miljuschka is done with it

Miljuschka Witzenhausen doesn't see it all anymore.

The presenter writes on Instagram that she is finished with everything.

"Corona. Rain. Not feeling well in my skin. Hassle. So that relief", she writes.

Then she invites her followers to express their frustrations as well.

"Come and complain", she encourages them.

yesterday at 4:13 PM

Johnny de Mol congratulates his son from home isolation

Johnny de Mol cannot be at his son's first birthday on Wednesday, because the presenter has tested positive for the corona virus.

He congratulates Fender from his isolation.

"Next week, when dad is well, we will do your party one more time, friend," the presenter writes on Instagram with a photo of himself and his son.

It was previously announced that De Mol has mild symptoms and that his role as storyteller at 

De Nationale Christmas Eve 

must pass by.

Joris Linssen will now take over that role.

yesterday at 4:13 PM

yesterday at 9:05 AM

Xelly Cabau van Kasbergen is expecting a second child

Xelly Cabau van Kasbergen and her partner Beer Muller are expecting a second child.

The stylist and author is due in June 2021.

The 32-year-old Cabau van Kasbergen already had a son a year ago. 

yesterday at 7:08 AM

Maik de Boer changes the interior of a house in Spain

"Let the summer come," writes Maik de Boer with a photo of his refurbished house in Barcelona.

The stylist did the painting himself.

"What a lick of paint and some furniture moving can do."

yesterday at 4:31 AM

Waylon chooses his own perfect picture (s)

Waylon shared

a number of photos

on the evening of the final of the photography competition 

The Perfect Picture

, showing his girlfriend Bibi Breijman.

"My perfect picture", said the singer about the vlogger who took on Stefano Keizers in the final.

Tuesday at 9:30 PM

Diddy Gives Mom Million Dollars And New Bentley

Rapper Sean Combs, known by his stage name Diddy, has extensively surprised his mom for her 80th birthday.

Janice Combs has received a check for $ 1 million and a brand new Bentley.

According to Combs, he owes everything to his mother and there is a big gift in return, he says on



Tuesday at 4:38 PM

Behind the scenes of the King

King Willem-Alexander speaks to the people during Christmas, as every year.

The Christmas speech, which will be broadcast on Christmas Day at 1 p.m., was recorded Tuesday afternoon.

The Government Information Service shares a photo from behind the scenes via the Instagram account of the Royal House.

Tuesday at 7:59 AM

Daphne Deckers



Star Wars


"This time last year I was at the

Star Wars


with Alec

," says Daphne Deckers, recalling an outing with her son in 2019. "Now I'm sitting on the couch in a camping tuxedo. and that will continue for another month. "

Tuesday at 7:59 AM

Tuesday at 4:59 AM

Diddy congratulates his twin daughters

Jessie and D'Lila, twin daughters of Diddy, celebrating their fourteenth birthday.

"Time flies and I enjoy every second," adds the producer and rapper to his congratulations.

"Kim is definitely looking at you smiling," said Diddy of Kim Porter, who passed away last year at the age of 47.

He says he is sure that the twins' mother will also enjoy the birthday.

Monday at 12:29 PM

Ed Sheeran has broken his long silence.

The singer-songwriter will release his new single

Afterglow on



He wrote the song last year and now shares it with his fans around Christmas.

He emphasizes that it is not the first single of a new record, but just a song that he would like to share with his fans.

He wishes them happy holidays and will go back to 'papaland' for the time being.

The singer announced last year on Christmas Eve to temporarily disappear from the publicity.

He only made himself heard in September when he became the father of daughter Lyra.

Ed Sheeran treats fans to new music

Monday at 9:25 AM

Elliot Page thanks fans

Elliot Page has made himself heard for the first time since he announced that he was transgender.

The actor thanks his fans for the support they have given him.

"That's a great gift. Stay safe and be there for each other."

Monday at 5:07 AM

Jim Bakkum jokingly asks for help with long eyelashes daughter

"I thought last year: that will fall out a bit. But does anyone know how to stop excessive eyelash growth?", Actor and singer Jim Bakkum jokingly wonders about the long eyelashes of his one-year-old daughter Posy.

Sunday at 8:25 AM

Jan Smit lights a candle for Jan Dulles 'daughter. Jan Dulles

' three-month-old daughter suddenly passed away on Saturday morning.

Volendam colleague Jan Smit lights a candle for her.

"It is a black day for all of us. This should not be allowed ... In mind we are with Jan, Caroline and James", the singer writes on Instagram.

Friday at 8:58 PM

André Hazes jokes about Taylor Swift: 'Who?'

Taylor Swift released her latest album


last week

, but André Hazes is not impressed by that.

On Instagram, the 26-year-old singer shows that his album


is still number one after a few weeks, while Swift has come in second.

"Taylor who? We are still number one in the official charts of Flanders", Hazes writes proudly.

Friday at 8:58 PM

Friday at 10:10 AM

Jan de Hoop celebrates his 66th birthday on Friday and therefore shares a baby photo.

In his own words, he has "not changed a bit" in all those years.

Today I turned 66.

Has not changed a bit.

🍰🥳 #annual #lovehelp


Avatar Author Jan de Hoop Moment of places 07: 27 - 18 December 2020

Friday at 6:44 AM

Dwayne Johnson praises deceased fellow wrestler

Following the death of show


Pat Patterson, Dwayne Johnson posted a video on Instagram on Friday in which he explains how important his Canadian colleague has been to his own career.

In the caption, he tells how he has been thinking about Patterson's death in recent weeks.

“My father passed away last January and a few weeks ago my father figure died too,” writes Johnson.

"Fucking 2020."

"I don't know if I would have accomplished the same without him," said Johnson in his video of Patterson, who passed away on December 2 at the age of 79.

“When I was just a brat, he called Vince McMahon (the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, ed.) To tell us about me. He insisted on coming over right away.”

The Hollywood actor, who rose to fame with show wrestling, toasts in his video.

"I love you. And I thank you. For the wisdom, for the journey, and for the confidence you had when you made that call."

Thursday at 1:08 PM

Katja cuddles with her daughter

Hugging is "the best remedy for stress, frustration and other complaints", says Katja Schuurman.

The presenter recommends everyone to take a good hold of someone else and demonstrates it with her daughter.

If there is no baby around, a tree is a great alternative, according to Schuurman.

Thursday at 1:06 PM

A sweet house

Reese Witherspoon is having a great time at home.

The actress has been doing crafts and baking with her children and has created a gingerbread house with brightly colored candies on it.

In her message she asks what other people do with their free time.

She may be hoping for inspiration for new hobbies.

Thursday, December 17 at 6:44 AM

A Christmas photo of William and Kate

Even for the British Royal Family, the Christmas celebration looks different this year, but it shouldn't


the fun.

Prince William and his wife Kate pose with their sons George and Louis and daughter Charlotte.

This photo is also on the Christmas card that the family sends.

Thursday, December 17 at 5:21 AM

Sir Ian McKellen (81) overjoyed after receiving coronavirus vaccine


Lord of the Rings

actor Sir Ian McKellen was given coronavirus vaccine at Queen Mary's University Hospital in London.

"I feel euphoric," the actor said in several tweets.

"I can recommend it to everyone. I am happy to receive the vaccine."

'I really hope that, as more people get vaccinated, we will move further along the path back to a more normal way of life.' Sir @IanMcKellen joins the thousands of people who have now safely received the first dose of the #CovidVaccine.



Avatar Author NHS England and NHS Improvement Moment of places 21: 09 - 16 December 2020

Thursday, December 17 at 5:21 AM

Wednesday, December 16 at 3:57 PM

Bridget Maasland: 'Received the same marriage proposal last Christmas'

Bridget Maasland responded for the first time this morning to the engagement of her ex-lover André Hazes to Monique Westenberg.

She did this during a radio broadcast with Frank Dane for Mission 538. Although she said she was "really happy", she added: "I'm just very curious who he will be asking for Christmas next year."

When she was subsequently called jealous on Instagram, Maasland explained her statement: "I think I can make a joke if I received the same marriage proposal last Christmas."

Maasland has now


RTL Boulevard

that she received a proposal a year ago and that she said yes.

Wednesday, December 16 at 4:59 AM

Rolf Sanchez gives Bas Smit platinum record for help with hit

"Partly thanks to you it has become a big hit", Rolf Sanchez said about his song 

Más Más Más

 to his good friend Bas Smit.

As a thank you, the singer handed over a platinum copy of the song with over eight million views on YouTube to the entrepreneur.

Tuesday, December 15 at 3:49 PM

Monica Geuze relieved that nobody was at home during a burglary attempt

In a new vlog on YouTube, Monica Geuze told her story on the attempted burglary in her home on Tuesday.

The vlogster, who happened to book an overnight stay in an Amsterdam hotel with her boyfriend and brought her daughter Zara-Lizzy to her ex, is happy that no one was home when it happened.

"Now that I can put it into perspective, I am very relieved and happy. No one was injured and the destruction is minimal", says Geuze, who calls the burglary attempt "a waste of time", both for the perpetrator or perpetrators and for herself.

But the vlogster adds, "There are always worse things in the world."

Tuesday, December 15 at 10:51 AM

Spicy photos from the couch

Bridget Maasland looks back today on a very special photo session: in 2006 the presenter took off her clothes for a good cause.

The spicy photos, which according to Maasland were bloter than she had imagined in advance, were shown in 



Now that the Netherlands is going into lockdown, she wants to inspire people: hang out on the couch!

Tuesday, December 15 at 4:58 AM

Bas Smit puts lockdown into perspective after visit of the terminally ill

"We have been in extra misery with the whole country since the lockdown, but an evening like this does learn to put things into perspective", says Bas Smit after the visit of the terminally ill Melissa to his winter paradise. garden.

"We will get out of this misery, unfortunately not Melissa."

As a surprise for his wife, presenter Nicolette van Dam, Smit transformed their garden into a winter paradise.

The couple invites people to eat in their garden.

During Melissa's visit, Suzan & Freek gave a surprise performance and played Melissa's favorite song.

"Well, we all broke up when that was played", entrepreneur Smit thinks back to this.

"What a magical evening and thankful that we could do this together."

Monday, December 14 at 13:55

Lil 'Kleine is back in Dubai

Just like during the first (partial) lockdown in March, Lil' Kleine is again on holiday in Dubai.

The rapper himself can laugh heartily that tonight it will probably be announced that the Netherlands will enter a hard lockdown, while enjoying warm weather and a swimming pool, as can be seen in his Instagram Story.

He shares a photo with his son on his timeline.

Monday, December 14 at 10:20 AM

Ilse DeLange recently released the song 

I'll Hold On


The singer shares an acoustic version with her followers that she recorded in the kitchen.

Kitchen sessions with Ilse

Monday, December 14 at 5:17 AM

Kim-Lian van der Meij proud of stunting son

William, the son of Kim-Lian van der Meij, shows a wheelie on the bike.

"This is by the way in our backyard, not on the road," said the proud singer.

Saturday December 12 at 4:45 PM

Monique Westenberg commemorates deceased dog It

would be Dunya,

Monique Westenberg's dog

, who died in 2018, on Saturday.

"I have always known that Doenie was not just a dog," said André Hazes' girlfriend.

"The special thing is that I now also experience this in my other dog Frenkie. Today he and Gioia are getting extra treats."

In March 2019, Westenberg published the picture book


to process the death of Dunya 


Friday, December 11 at 6:27 AM

Taylor Swift Celebrates New Album

After the release of 


just a few months ago, Taylor Swift is now releasing 



The singer celebrates it on Instagram with various screenshots of the clip for the song 



Thursday December 10 at 8:42 PM

Gerard Joling helps mother with 'crooked' Christmas tree

Setting up the Christmas tree did not go well for Janny, Gerard Joling's mother.

This is evident from a video that Joling




on Thursday 


Janny's tree is a lot more skewed than intended.

Fortunately, her son is there to help.

Thursday, December 10 at 7:35 AM

Angela Groothuizen finds old Dolly Dots agenda

Angela Groothuizen found a full agenda from 1984, when she performed a lot with the Dolly Dots.

"An insane time", the singer and presenter recalls.

Thursday, December 10 at 5:16 AM

Monica Geuze is disappointed, but supports canceling holiday

Monica Geuze canceled her holiday to Curaçao at the last minute.

The YouTuber had already checked in, but in view of the situation surrounding the corona crisis, it was not justified to go on vacation to the Caribbean island.

"Everyone is going through a difficult year and in our case a holiday is the last thing we should worry about", the balding Geuze puts her discomfort in perspective.

Wednesday, December 9 at 2:22 PM

Maik de Boer is looking forward to meeting Maarten van Rossem

Maik de Boer is looking forward to the moment when he will meet his idol Maarten van Rossem.

"So I participate in

The smartest human

and still can't believe it," he writes on Instagram.

"Those bucket list things you come up with while watching the program on the couch at home."

Wednesday, December 9 at 8:52 AM

Angela Groothuizen chooses a Christmas tree with only lights

Angela Groothuizen has no balls and decorations in her Christmas tree this year.

"Sober but comforting", said the presenter.

Wednesday, December 9 at 6:30 AM

For example, the gossip magazines that

January Jones (

Mad Men

) shares on Instagram do a message from gossip site and magazine 

The National Enquirer


The actress is said to be a cry for attention with all the bikini photos that she posts on social media.

Her famous friends laugh a lot, under the photo they post messages in which they say they are indeed very worried.

Jones doesn't care much about it and simply shares another bikini photo after this message.

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