There are cases where the subsidy was overpaid due to problems in managing and reporting the number of days actually used by children over the "company-led nursery school" developed by the company with a subsidy from the government. I found out in a survey by the Board of Audit.

The "company-led nursery school," which started four years ago with the aim of eliminating waiting-list children, allows employees' children to enter with priority, and the government subsidizes facility operating costs.

The amount of the subsidy varies depending on the number of days the child used in a month and the reason why he / she was absent even though he / she was planning to attend the park, but the Board of Audit has 42 locations in 16 prefectures. When I checked the "company-led nursery school", I found that 8 places did not manage attendance such as recording the reason for absence, and 16 places were recorded, but it was reported to the government. The method was wrong.

Cases in which the national subsidy was overpaid as a result of the fact that the application was not made according to the actual usage situation, probably because the method of calculating the subsidy changed from 2018 but it was not well known. There was also.

For this reason, the Board of Audit has requested the Cabinet Office, which has jurisdiction over the business, to give thorough guidance to return overpaid subsidies and keep records of actual usage.

The Cabinet Office commented, "I would like to take the indications seriously and make improvements."