The lover of Hwang Hana, a social media influencer who gained attention with the announcement of her marriage with singer Park Yoo-cheon, the granddaughter of the founder of a large corporation, is caught in the rumor of death, and interests are focused on the authenticity.

Mr. A, who is known as Mr. Hwang's acquaintance, said, "Hwang Hana's boyfriend and marriage reporter Oh died suddenly. The police investigated drugs and was gaslighted by Hwang, his lover, and he made an extreme choice. It seems to have done."

The authenticity of Mr. A's writing has not been confirmed.

However, controversy arose as it became known that Hwang's boyfriend Oh Mo was also present at the time of posting on social media that Mr. Hwang made an extreme choice.

Meanwhile, Hwang Hana claimed that a foreign car worth 400 million won was stolen on her Instagram.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)