Farmer Jan and Nienke from the last season

Farmer is looking for a woman

are together again, after they announced that they had split up in August.

Participants Bastiaan and Milou have put an end to their relationship, it became clear on Friday in the

Boer seeks Woman

Christmas special.

Presenter Yvon Jaspers visited the farmers from last season in the Christmas special.

It became clear that farmer Annemiek and farmers Geert Jan and Geert have still not found love despite their participation in the program.

Farmer Jan and his girlfriend Nienke are back together after a brief breakup.

The two said in August that they both had different ideas about the future and that it was better to end the relationship.

Farmer Jan had doubts about Nienke's desire to have children.

In the Christmas special, farmer Jan tells Jaspers that he started to miss Nienke soon after the breakup.

"Because my company had to close due to corona, I was not comfortable in my own skin. (..) I thought it was a very big step to go for it together. It was also a kind of self-protection."

Eventually, the two got back together soon after the breakup.

"Luckily Nienke still wanted to and now things are going very well", says farmer Jan.

Rumors that farmer Bastiaan and Milou had split had been buzzing for some time.

Milou exchanged her life in Frankfurt, Germany, for life in the countryside in Zeeland, but that conversion proved unsuccessful.