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  The ups and downs of 2020 are about to pass. This year we will fight the epidemic together, and this year we will fight against poverty.

Through 2020, we will experience together, persevere and struggle together. We encourage each other, warm each other, and comfort each other.

Ushering in the new year, our lives will open a new chapter, and our country will embark on a new journey.

At the moment when the calendar is about to turn over, we should look back at the past, and we have reason to look forward to the future.

In 2021, we are here waiting for you...

2020 is about to pass,

Destined to be an extraordinary year.

This year,

Xinjiang has gone through too many trials and moves.

Xinjiang's first medical team to assist Hubei set out.

January 28,

Xinjiang’s first medical team to assist Hubei set out,

Xinjiang "Dabai" led the patients to dance in Wuhan Fangcai Hospital.

Medical staff from Xinjiang aided Hubei led patients to dance at Wuhan Fangcang shelter hospital.

July 17,

Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang,

Press the "pause button" again because of the epidemic.

Urumqi once again pressed the "pause button" because of the epidemic.

Photo by Gou Jipeng

The next day,

The Wuhan Medical Assistance Team arrived in Urumqi,


Medical teams from all over the country came one after another,

"Fight against the epidemic" with Xinjiang.

The Wuhan Xinjiang Medical Team arrived in Urumqi.

Photo by Cai Zhihao

In 2020,

Although it has survived the epidemic,

However, Xinjiang is still recovering from the epidemic.

This year,

Xinjiang has achieved remarkable results in the fight against poverty.

The last 10 poor counties were lifted out of poverty as scheduled.

Xinjiang’s “small naan cakes” support the “big industry” of poverty alleviation.

Photo by Liu Xin

This year,

Xinjiang’s rural living environment continues to improve,

Since 2011,

A total of more than 10 million farmers and herdsmen moved to new homes.

In Daliyabuyi New Village, Daliyabuyi Township, Yutian County, Hotan Prefecture, Xinjiang, brand new houses are neatly arranged.

Photo by Liu Xin

This year,

Xinjiang's transportation infrastructure construction is facing difficulties,

The Afuku-Zhun Railway and Gekko Railway have been completed successively,

Yutian Airport successfully completed the test flight,

Navigation is coming soon.

The Xinjiang section of the Geku Railway was opened and the train passed the Taitma Lake Bridge.

Photo courtesy of Rong Media Center in Ruoqiang County

The test flight of Xinjiang Yutian Airport was successful.

Photo by Xu Xiaolong

This year,

At the time of 10 years of Xinjiang Power’s delivery,

Xinjiang has built 4 delivery channels in total,

The external power transmission exceeded 300 billion kWh.

A glimpse of the positive and negative 800 kV UHV Tianzhong DC power transmission channel.

Photo by Cai Zengle

This year,

Xinjiang Horgos Port and Alashankou Port,

Both inbound and outbound China-Europe trains set new historical records.

The China-Europe Express train enters and exits at Horgos Port in Xinjiang.

Photo by Li Ming

This year,

Xinjiang Tacheng Key Development and Opening Pilot Zone was approved by the State Council.

This year,

The oil and gas output of Xinjiang Tarim Oilfield exceeded 30 million tons.

The cumulative production of crude oil from the Second Oil Production Plant of Xinjiang Oilfield in 60 years exceeded 100 million tons.

Photo by Wang Tao

This year,

Xinjiang’s cotton output reaches more than 5 million tons...

Xinjiang is the main cotton producing area in China.

Photo by Que Hu Re

In 2021,

Xinjiang's tourism industry will be more abundant.

All said,

"Xinjiang is an addiction, and I can't give it up after going there."

Do you dare to challenge it?

In spring, I went to the Yili River Valley in Xinjiang to enjoy flowers.

The Xinghuagou in Yili is the most famous.

Large apricot blossoms are sprinkled on the green hillside,

It's patchy and beautiful.

Go to Nalati grassland in summer,

Look at the greenery under the snow-capped mountains, with cows and sheep everywhere.

Nalati, Xinjiang’s “air prairie”, blooms at the foot of the snow-capped mountains.

Photo by Li Shanshan

You can also go to Yili to enjoy large lavenders.

The beautiful "Lavender Girl" is wearing a long dress and taking selfies among the flowers.

Photo by Wang Xiaojun

And the "last tear" of the Atlantic Ocean, Sailimu Lake,

The water and the sky are the same, and the scenery is beautiful.

Sailimu Lake is the most charming in June.

Photo by Yang Tianxiang

In autumn, we must go to the banks of the Tarim River in southern Xinjiang.

See Populus euphratica golden, the forests are all dyed,

It complements each other with the blue sky and clear water, just like an oil painting.

The fascinating scenery of the Populus euphratica forest at the end of the Tarim River in Xinjiang.

Photo by Que Hu Re

Kanas in autumn is colorful,

The lake is crystal clear,

The trees are colorful,

Such a beautiful scenery cannot be disappointed.

The beauty of Kanas like an oil painting.

Photo by Han Xue

Welcome to northern Xinjiang in winter,

Come and enjoy the scenery of the Northland of "Thousands of Miles Frozen, Thousands of Miles Snow Floating".

In winter, a helicopter in Kanas Scenic Area hovered at the event site to provide special tourism services for skiers.

Photo by Liu Xin

When snowflakes fall on Hemu’s cabin,

This has become a fairy tale world.

Hemu Ancient Village in the depths of Altay Mountain, Xinjiang.

Photo by Liu Xin

If you are a skier,

Then come to Xinjiang even more,

The snow season in Xinjiang lasts more than 4 months.

From November to March of the following year,

All can enjoy the ice and snow feast.

Ski enthusiasts show their skills at Jiangjunshan Ski Resort in Altay City, Xinjiang.

Photo by Tang Xiaobo

Xinjiang also has a vast sea of ​​sand,

In 2021,

Come to Xinjiang,

Written by the poet Wang Wei in the Tang Dynasty,

"The lonely smoke in the desert is straight, the long river is setting the sun",

What kind of scene is it?

Xinjiang Hotan, Taklimakan Desert.

Photo by Sun Jiabin

If you like traveling by car,

Then you can't miss the Duku Highway in Xinjiang.

Mountain scenery of Duku Highway.

Photo courtesy of Dushanzi Cultural Tourism Bureau

On this "landscape avenue running through the backbone of the Tianshan Mountains",

You can see the snow-capped mountains,

Turquoise and clear lake.

The Tangbula Grassland has the reputation of "Baili Picture Scroll, Natural Gallery".

Photo by Chen Hualin

Dalongchi, Kuche Section of Duku Highway.

Photo by Wang Xiaojun

Colorful canyons,

The vast and beautiful grassland.

Photo by Wang Xiaojun, Mysterious Grand Canyon of Tianshan Mountain, Kuqa

You can also go to Keketuohai to follow the story of the shepherd and the beekeeper.

Because of the song "The Shepherd of the Cocoa Sea", Xinjiang Cocoa Sea is on fire.

Photo courtesy of Xinjiang Cultural Tourism Department

Go to the Zhaosu Prairie to ride horses with the female deputy county magistrate He Jiaolong.

Xueyuan, the female deputy magistrate of Zhaosu County, launched a horse to promote the popular local tourism network.

Can go to Kuqa City,

"Twisting the neck" with the children,

(A movement of Xinjiang dance),

The Xinjiang dance moves are cheerful and dripping,

It's exciting to jump up,

You must jump when you arrive in Xinjiang.

The video of children in Kuqa City "twisting their necks" attracted attention.

There are also fruits and delicacies in Xinjiang,

You will surely feast on it.

Tourists are tasting cantaloupe in front of a fruit stall at the International Grand Bazaar in Erdaoqiao, Urumqi, Xinjiang.

Photo by Liu Xin

Turpan's grapes,

Hami's melon,

Aksu's apples,

Korla’s fragrant pears,

Pomegranate in Hotan.

Farm staff displayed Aksu "Bingtang Heart" apples.

Photo by Wang Xiaojun

Local pear farmers pick Korla fragrant pears.

Photo by Zhang Xinhua

The Turpan Grape Landscape Corridor opens a lively picking mode.

Photo by Chen Leilei

There are also apricots, figs, almonds,

Mulberries, flat peaches, walnuts, etc.,

Dried and fresh melons and fruits are endless in the market all year round.

Xinjiang’s cuisine includes roasted whole lamb, roasted whole beef,

Grilled whole camel, lamb skewers, large plate chicken,

Naan wrapped meat, hand-caught lamb, etc.

Roast whole lamb is one of the most tempting delicacies in Xinjiang.

Photo by Wang Xiaojun

Freshly baked whole cow and whole camel.

Photo by Tao Shuanke

Red willow barbecue.

Photo by Li Jinghai

In 2021,

Xinjiang will be based on its unique advantages,

Focus on the development of "ten major industries".

In addition to tourism,

There are also petroleum and petrochemical, coal and coal chemical, electric power,

Textile and clothing, electronic products, forest and fruit, agricultural and sideline products processing,

Naan, wine and other industries.

In 2021,

Xinjiang will continue to take petroleum and chemical industries as important pillar industries,

Continue to form an important domestic petrochemical industry cluster.

Production site of Xinjiang Oilfield in the Junggar Basin in northern Xinjiang.

Photo by Wu Xiaochuan

In 2021,

Xinjiang will unswervingly expand its opening up,

Speed ​​up the construction of the core area of ​​the Silk Road Economic Belt,

The number of China-Europe express trains is expected to continue to rise.

The China-Europe train running at the Urumqi assembly center.

Photo by Liu Xin

In 2021,

Xinjiang continues to implement "coal moves from the air,

The power transmission project from Xinjiang to China".

And further improve the thermal power,

Wind power, hydropower, photovoltaic power plants and other coexisting power generation modes.

Xinjiang wind power equipment.

Photo by Chen Jianjun

Xinjiang photovoltaic power station.

Photo by Chen Jianjun

In 2021,

Through land leveling and circulation management,

The mechanization level of cotton planting in Xinjiang will continue to improve.

Speed ​​up the transformation and upgrading of the cotton textile industry,

Expand the apparel industry,

Drive more labor force employment,

Consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation.

Cotton is harvested in a cotton field by a large cotton picker in Xinjiang.

Photo by Que Hu Re

In 2021,

Xinjiang’s fruit industry continues to improve quality and efficiency,

The level of mechanization continues to improve,

Brand influence continues to expand.

In 2021,

Xinjiang will continue to strengthen and expand the naan industry,

Promote the development of the Naan Industrial Park across Xinjiang,

Accelerate the formation of multiple offline and online sales channels.

The naan industry is growing in Xinjiang.

Photo by Liu Xin

In 2021,

Xinjiang will continue to strengthen ecological and environmental protection,

Korla City, Xinjiang,

Wild swans have been living and overwintering for 15 consecutive years.

In Korla, Xinjiang, geese are chasing and frolicking in winter.

Photo by Yang Houwei

In 2021,

Xinjiang will also implement a new urbanization strategy in depth,

Cultivate the Urumqi metropolitan area,

Construct the northern Xinjiang urban belt,

To create a southern Xinjiang urban agglomeration,

Form an urban system with a moderate scale, complete functions, and reasonable layout.

Urumqi at the foot of the snow-capped mountains.

Photo courtesy of Xinjiang Cultural Tourism Department

How was it; were you moved?

In 2021, we are waiting for you in Xinjiang.

Author: Peng Gou Following