Municipal Park Management Center completed this year’s important livelihood projects

Ten cultural spaces have been upgraded and opened

  Our reporter Ye Xiaoyan Ren Shan

  Since the beginning of this year, many city-owned parks have been quietly changing their tourist spaces.

The reporter learned from the Municipal Park Management Center that the Municipal Park Management Center has completed important livelihood projects this year, and upgraded and opened 10 new cultural spaces such as the Summer Palace farming and weaving pictures, Beihai Park Huafangzhai, etc., through cultural relics exhibitions, small micro exhibitions, and popular science activities. Interactive activities such as experience, folk custom experience, while showing the cultural connotation of Beijing's gardens, cultural relics and historic gardens, allow more citizens to experience the creative culture of the ancient capital.

  A few days ago, the reporter walked into the lobby on the first floor of Wenyue Building in Zizhuyuan Park. Many tourists are enjoying the latest "Land, Years and People" theme photography exhibition.

In the exhibition hall, a series of documentary photographs showing the development and changes of the country over the past few decades leaped on the wall. Looking out of the window through the wide floor-to-ceiling windows, the lake and the garden architecture in the eyes are in contrast to each other, giving the visiting experience a special flavor.

Follow the stairs to the second floor. This is the cultural and artistic functional area. Hands-on citizens and tourists are working with experts in the restoration of ancient books of the National Library of China to make thread-bound notepads, trim the paper, and then punch, twist, bind... …Chinese traditional skills are deeply embedded in every participant's mind in this interesting cultural interaction.

  Saying goodbye to the lively interactive classroom, looking for the fragrance to the brand new open viewing and leisure function area, more than 140 square meters of cultural space integrates book reading, cultural and creative display and western food functions in one, the time-honored "Tian Fu Hao" is also co-branded " "Zizhu" Wenchuang opened the Zizhu restaurant here, focusing on bamboo culture, and through the floor-to-ceiling windows, the beautiful scenery around the lake is fully displayed.

Many elderly tourists come to try it out, order a cup of hot bamboo shoot baby coffee, and sit by the window to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

  In addition to the Wenyue Tower in Zizhuyuan Park, 9 municipal park cultural spaces including the Farming and Weaving Picture Scenic Spot in the Summer Palace and the Guande Hall in Jingshan Park have also been upgraded and upgraded. The open new cultural space covers an area of ​​nearly 4800 square meters and the new courtyard scenic spot More than 30,000 square meters.

Among them: the Summer Palace and Zhongshan Park continue to promote the red culture, upgrade the farming and weaving map, the exhibition method and space experience of the present Yuxuan, and hold the original site theme exhibition; Beihai Park and Jingshan Park increase the activation and utilization of cultural relics and ancient buildings to make tourists' doorsteps Although the "old neighborhoods" have been baptized by the years, they are still new. Since the opening of the "Viewing Axis from the Top of the Forbidden", "Yuegulou History and Culture Exhibition", "Chinese Calligraphy Art Exhibition", they have provided daily voluntary explanation services to tourists. It has been well received by tourists from all walks of life; Zizhuyuan Park and Beijing Botanical Garden have launched a composite cultural and creative space, which "carves" human writing, gardening life, popular science experience, cultural and creative catering, etc. into the park’s courtyards and pavilions, making municipal parks public The service functions have been expanded, and tourists have a new "check-in" enthusiasm; The Echo Wall Store in Temple of Heaven Park has been reopened, with brand-new creative design and visual IP, bringing tourists the first gift of this winter...

  Miao Xiangliu, director of the Service Management Office of the Municipal Park Management Center, told the reporter that in recent years, the municipal parks have continued to sort out and re-plan their cultural spaces, combining the overall park planning, cultural relics protection planning, revision of exhibition planning, and commercial Special utilization planning such as cultural and creative planning found that the park cultural space has problems such as outdated exhibition facilities, insufficient space utilization, and insufficient function development.

For example, some cultural relics and ancient buildings need to be adjusted and activated for use; some exhibitions have been on display for many years and cannot keep up with the development and changes of the times; some houses have been occupied by outside units and will be opened for use after being recycled.

  Based on these issues, this year, the Municipal Park Management Center carried out the transformation and upgrading of exhibitions, cultural and commercial spaces in 10 scenic spots in municipal parks. On the one hand, it continued through the original display of the cultural relics palace, historical and cultural theme exhibitions, and cultural relics special exhibitions. Promote the activation and utilization of cultural relics and ancient buildings; on the other hand, fully tap the potential of small and micro spaces in the park, and create small and micro cultural exhibitions that fit the theme of gardens and excellent traditional culture; at the same time try to integrate garden space and context into commercial catering and other services Reading, visual IP and other modes are used to create landscape shops, specialty shops and online celebrity check-in shops in the park.