The academic success of the children of teachers: but how do they do it?


A parent teacher spends less time on their children's homework!

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By: Emmanuelle Bastide |

Marie-Rose Moro

2 min

Less numerous to repeat, more often holders of a scientific baccalaureate, better completing their higher education, the children of teachers do better in their schooling than others.


Many believe that these children are supported by parents who redo the class at home, spend more time looking after their schooling and know "all the codes".

Yet studies show that these parents spend less time on homework.

So what's their secret?


- Guillemette Faure

, columnist for

M, the magazine du Monde

, co-author of

Why teachers' children succeed better

(Les Arènes)

- Louise Tourret, presenter and producer of the program


Being and knowing


on France Culture, co-author of

Why teachers' children succeed better

(Les Arènes).

And a report by

Alice Milot

who met Hervé.

He currently works in the world of media and music in the Paris region, but was born and raised in Gabon, trapped between two teaching parents.

At the end of the program, the chronicle of Marie-Rose Moro,

Parents, children, from here and elsewhere

: Do we learn to become a mother


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The weekly meeting to help parents, with the child psychiatrist, director of the transcultural review " 





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