Although the gossip about his relationship with Gerard Joling lasted longer than Tino Martin liked, he could laugh about it.

The singer and his colleague fed the rumors during their stay in Curaçao, Martin tells Tuesday in

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"I enjoyed it and luckily my girl too," said Martin about the gossip that arose after he and Joling recorded a song together.

"Joling and I were both on Curaçao in December last year. Then the two of us went into the sea and took pictures. That was in one of those papers the following week."

According to Martin, who is actually called Eduard Martinus Kattenberg, there is an interaction between the tabloid press and himself.

"Those stories sell the best, of course. At the same time: if I give a new concert and I have to sell a whole mountain of tickets, I also approach those magazines. To ask if they would like to make a nice piece about it. If you do Ziggo Domes , or it does Olympic, then you have to fold everything out. "

In February, Martin confirmed to be back together with girlfriend Kimberly Kruiter after a six-month breakup.

After that, various rumors went about the love life of the 36-year-old singer.

He would have had something with Monique Westerberg, then the ex-girlfriend of André Hazes, and with his duet partner Gerard Joling.

Just before the break with Kruiter, she had furnished the new house where she lived with Martin.

"I couldn't enjoy it. Then I was really fucked up", the singer recalls about the period he lived alone in the house after the temporary breakup.

"Then I knew one thing: I have to make up for this. And if this goes well, I will never let her go. And that has been going well for a long time now."