History lecturer Seol Min-seok directly apologized for the controversy over the error of the'naked world history'.

On the 22nd, Seol Min-seok said,'Hello.

This is Seol Min-seok's title, and a 1 minute 20 second video was posted.

In the video, Seol Min-suk said, "In the program under my name, there is a program called'Seol Min-suk's Naked World History.' In the episode of'Cleopatra' in the second episode, I made an error during the lecture, and the advisor pointed out that part. He gave me an answer. I will give an answer to it."

He said, “Yesterday evening, the production crew of tvN'Naked World History' politely apologized to the viewers, but when I judged, the crew wasn't doing anything wrong. I think the fault lies with me because it's a program under my name anyway. I do" he said.

He said, "It seems to be the part because I am lacking and lacking a lot. In the future, I will show you Minsuk Seol who is more sincere and prepares harder, considering your words as a whip to do better."

At the same time, Seol Min-seok said, "I sincerely apologize once again to many of you who were uncomfortable and worried about this incident."

On the 20th, Archaeologist Kwak Min-soo, director of the Korea Egyptian Research Institute, said on the 20th, "It is difficult to mention one by one because there are so many wrong relations" He criticized and pointed out any errors in the content.

As the controversy grew, tvN apologized on the 21st, "We sincerely apologize for some errors in the process of researching vast ancient history data" and "It is difficult to contain all the contents of the long history lecture, so the historical part will proceed according to a large context. Yes. There was a part that was omitted in this process, but the production team judged that there was no significant obstacle to the probability in the context and sent the result.”

He said, "In order to prevent the recurrence of the same problem in the future, we will increase the number of advisory groups and humbly accept the opinions of advisors from various fields."

However, after the crew's apology, criticism came out that the party, Seol Min-seok, hid behind the crew.

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YouTube capture]

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Sun-ae)