Actor Lee Do-hyun, who played the role of Eun-hyuk Lee in the Netflix drama'Sweet Home', has certified'Fire Fist' of Lee Si-young, a senior and professional boxer.

In the video interview for'Sweet Home' held today (23rd), Lee Do-hyun mentioned the scene where Lee Si-young was hit in the abdomen, and said, "I was shot three times by Lee Si-young senior. It was a robber beyond imagination."

Lee Do-hyun recalled that, "Si-young Lee was from a professional boxer, so I was worried a lot. So, Lee Si-young agreed, saying,'I'm not hurting, I'll hit you." He said he had no choice but to be surprised at the extraordinary power of

In addition

, "the moment is right for Lee Si-young was somewhat expected, it was beyond the power of it. This was actually breathe stopped.Sorry for 3 seconds," said "do not know do not look right. What could not be explained in words,"

he explained.

At the same time, Lee Do-hyun expressed his gratitude to Lee Si-young, saying, "On the one hand, I was grateful to Lee Si-young senior. Because I did that, I could have a line after the real breath"

He also trembled, saying, "I looked at my abdomen after it was finished, but strangely there was no wound."

The Netflix original series'Sweet Home', which was unveiled on the 18th, is gaining hot popularity, ranking first in eight countries.

In the play, Do-Hyun Lee plays the role of Eun-hyuk Lee, the leader of Green Home, who takes the lead in escaping with an extraordinary mind and quick judgment of the situation.

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