The president of a sales company of the popular American fashion brand "Supreme" was arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department for possessing stimulants in Tokyo.

The person who was arrested was Kenichi Omura (52), the president of a sales company in Tokyo for the popular fashion brand "Supreme".

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, it is suspected of violating the Stimulant Drug Control Law for possessing approximately 1.1 grams of stimulant in the waiting room of a hotel in Minato-ku, Tokyo after midnight on the 18th of this month.

During the patrol, Omura, who was on the street, suddenly entered a nearby hotel, and when a police officer asked him about his duties, he found a stimulant in a bag in his pouch.

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the acquisition route in detail because it admits to the investigation that "I had it for my own use".

"Supreme" was founded in New York in 1994, and shirts with a white letter logo designed on a rectangular red background are gaining worldwide popularity.