Wako City, Saitama Prefecture, announced that Takeshi Yoshida, 59, the chairman of the city council, was infected with the new corona virus and influenza.

According to the prefecture, it is rare to get infected at the same time, so "I want you to take thorough measures such as getting vaccinated."

According to the city of Wako, Chairman Yoshida repeatedly raised and lowered his fever from the 14th of this month, and when he visited a medical institution on the 17th of this month because he had a fever of 38 degrees and 1 minute, it was confirmed that he was infected with influenza. I did.

At the same time, an antigen test for the new coronavirus was positive, and as a result of the PCR test, infection with the new corona was confirmed on the 18th of this month.

Currently, the symptoms are stable.

According to Saitama Prefecture, there are only a few cases of infection with both the new corona and influenza at the same time in the prefecture, which is rare.

Yoshiaki Tanaka, a doctor in the Infectious Disease Control Division of Saitama Prefecture, said, "Since there are few cases of simultaneous infection, I don't know if it will become serious. It is important to take measures that can be taken on a daily basis, such as urging and wearing a mask. "