Jennifer Lopez and her fiancé Álex Rodríguez are disappointed to have had to postpone their wedding twice since May due to the corona crisis.

Because the singer and the former baseball player were both married before, they were more likely to wonder whether a marriage would add something, says Lopez on Monday in the

Radio Andy



"Earlier we discussed whether we should get married at all," said 51-year-old Lopez about conversations with 45-year-old Rodríguez.

"At our age, we wondered what getting married would add to us."

Lopez does not explain what made the couple decide to tie the knot.

She says she is not in a hurry with the wedding.

“In March or April, we looked at the corona-stricken Italy and thought, this might not happen,” Lopez recalls of the already planned wedding in June.

"We then tried to keep it going later in the year, but even then it was not the right time."

The singer and former baseball player, engaged since March 2019, would initially marry in Italy in June.

In May, it was announced that they had postponed their wedding due to the corona crisis.


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