Before Christmas, a tourist facility that manufactures and sells sweets in Nasu Town, Tochigi Prefecture, presented Christmas cakes to the children of a local nursery school.

Every year, the tourist facility "Candy Castle Nasu Heartland" in Nasu Town presents homemade Christmas cakes to nursery schools in the town at this time before Christmas.

On the 22nd, President Shunsuke Katagiri of the facility visited Daido Nursery School and handed two representative children a whole cake with a diameter of 18 cm on which "Tochiotome" from the facility's own farm was placed.

A total of 100 cakes were prepared, and about 530 children enjoyed it during snack time at seven municipal nurseries in the town.

In addition, Mr. Kazunori Fujita, who runs a local folk craft store, said that Utsunomiya City's local toy "Yellow Buna" and "Senbei" containing toys are said to have the benefit of eliminating the plague in hopes of ending the new coronavirus. It was a gift.

The children handed them a cake and a thank-you card with strawberry-shaped origami paper.

A 6-year-old girl said, "I was happy. I'm looking forward to eating together."

President Katagiri of the tourist facility said, "I'm glad that the children are happy. I want to continue."