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Three days after the start of Christmas, the Ministry of Health has registered, according to the latest report published this Monday,

22,013 infections since Friday

(the data is not updated on weekends).

This is the highest figure for Monday in December, slightly higher than last Monday, when 21,309 positives were reported.

14 days ago there were 17,681 confirmed cases.

Thus, there are already 1,819,249 Spaniards who have been infected with the virus since March.

Of the more than 20,000 diagnostic tests, 2,156 have been performed in the last 24 hours.

On Friday they were 5,771, although this figure is always lower on Mondays than the rest of the week.

A good part of them are located in Catalonia (474), Madrid (294) and the Basque Country (226).

Contrary to infections,

deaths have fallen this weekend


Health has reported 334 since Friday (just a week ago there were 389 deaths and two, 394).

Therefore, there are already 49,260 people who have lost their lives due to the virus since the beginning of the pandemic in our country.

With a death date in the last week, 565 deaths have been reported.

Andalusia and Castilla y León are those that register the most deaths in this period of time: 75 and 71, respectively.

Valencia, very close, communicates 65;

and Asturias, 59. Aragón has 46 deaths;

Castilla La Mancha, 45;

Madrid, 39;

Galicia, 25;

The Canary Islands and Catalonia, 22;

Navarra, 21;

Murcia, 19;

Cantabria, 18;

Balearic Islands, 12;

and Extremadura, 11. Finally, with less than 10 deaths in the last seven days is La Rioja, which scores four.

As in the last counts, Ceuta and Melilla do not accumulate any.

The cumulative incidence (AI) -number of infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days- is already 224 cases,

increasing by 10 points over the weekend compared to Friday.

The region that most worries in this regard is the

Balearic Islands

, whose rate shoots up and reaches an alarming figure of 406 positives, after the week ended with a level of 338. For its part,


is the second community with the most disturbing data and already exceeds an AI of 300 infections (on Friday, of 276).

Extremadura (280), Castilla - La Mancha (277), Valencian Community (276) and Catalonia (266) also exceed the threshold of 250 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

AI has risen in 12 of the 19 communities, while it has decreased in the remaining seven, which are Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla y León, Ceuta, Melilla, Murcia and Navarra.

Ceuta (106), Canarias (133) and Andalucía (138) are with the lowest incidence.

In her appearance this Monday, Silvia Calzón, Secretary of State for Health, has expressed some reservations about the data that are offered on Mondays, but has influenced the fact that the trend continues to rise: "The data that are given on Mondays have "They have to be quarantined because there are usually delays in notification. The 7-day AI continues to trend up the curve in the coming days."

On the other hand,

2,041 infected have been admitted in the last seven days

, most of them in Valencia (308), Andalusia (288) and Castilla y León (180).

According to the latest report, Spain currently has 11,431 people hospitalized for coronavirus, 207 less than on Friday, when the figure was 11,224.

Catalonia continues to lead in this ranking, with 2,664 infected patients, followed by Madrid, which registers 1,787;

and Valencia, with 1,503.

Of the 2,041 admitted,

154 have required Intensive Care

in the same period of time and 117 more since Friday.

Thus, the global number of patients who have entered this hospital unit is 17,601.

As Silvia Calzón explained

, the increase in cases in this phase of the second wave has not yet been transferred to hospital pressure.

"These hospitalization data, as is the case with the deceased, still reflect the downward trend in AI that we have experienced in recent weeks, the rise that we are now experiencing will soon be reflected in the healthcare data," he assured.

The upturn in Spain is also reflected in the rest of Europe.

Our country continues in fifth place in number of infections, behind Russia (2,848,377), France (2,473,354), the United Kingdom, which also exceeds two million (2,040,147) and Italy (1,953,185) this Monday ).

In addition, Italy continues to lead in terms of deaths, reaching a total of 68,799.

With a similar figure, Reino accumulates 67,401.

France, in third place, this Monday exceeds 60,000 deaths and Russia, 50,000 (specifically, 60,549 and 50,858, respectively).

In this way, Spain is in fifth place with the deceased already mentioned.

Regarding AI in the countries of the continent,

Sweden stands out above the rest, exceeding 800 cases (862)


Turkey is also above this limit (800).

Two weeks ago, the country reported an incidence of 112 positives.

With a rate higher than 700 infections are the Czechia (758) and the Netherlands (733).

Spain continues to be the second European country with the least incidence and surpasses only Ireland (98).

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