On the morning of the 21st, a woman in her 80s who was removing snow at home in Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture, was attacked by a wild boar and suffered a slight injury to her thigh.

After 11:00 am on the 21st, a fire department was notified that "someone was injured by a wild boar" in Sekiyama, Myoko City.

According to police, a woman in her 80s was shoveling snow in front of her house, and a wild boar, about 1 meter long, came to her, and she was surprised and fell on the spot.

Since the wild boar rushed as it was, the woman was taken to a hospital in Joetsu City by being scratched by the wild boar, but the degree of injury was minor.

After that, several wild boar sightings were reported near the site, and about an hour and a half later, a wild boar that was guarding the area behind another house 1.4 km away from the site seems to have attacked a woman. It means that it was discovered and removed.

The site is a residential area along the mountain near the Joshinetsu Expressway.

In Niigata prefecture, a man in his 50s who was preparing for snow removal work in Minami Uonuma City was also injured by a bear last week, and police are calling attention.