The test positivity rate continues to decline -


France has recorded 5,797 new cases of Covid-19 contamination over the past 24 hours and more than 350 deaths, according to figures from health authorities published on Monday.

This assessment is down compared to Sunday (12,799 new cases) and Saturday (17,565 cases), the figures at the start of the week still marking a low because fewer tests are carried out on weekends.

The positivity rate of people tested was 4.7% against 5.2% the day before, says Public Health France (SpF).

This key indicator stood at 6.4% on December 8, when a new accounting method was introduced.

2,737 patients in intensive care against 4,900 during the peak

The number of Covid-19 patients currently treated in intensive care continues to decline slowly, with 2,737 patients (including 179 admitted in the last 24 hours) against 2,745 on Sunday, the health agency's database said.

This drop has been marked since the peak of the second wave, reached on November 16 with more than 4,900 patients in intensive care.

Some 25,201 people with the disease are currently hospitalized, with 1,284 new admissions in 24 hours.

The disease has killed 354 in hospitals in the past 24 hours, up from 131 on Sunday and 190 on Saturday, bringing the total death toll to 60,900 since the start of the pandemic, according to SpF.

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