Bram van der Vlugt was an actor for sixty years, but his biggest role was surely the role he fulfilled for thirty years as the self-appointed 'adviser to Sinterklaas'.

In an earlier conversation with, Van der Vlugt said that he would act "until death follows".

"Why should I quit earlier?", Van der Vlugt wondered in the interview last October.

"If I can't walk anymore, I'll do it in a wheelchair. And if I can't remember anything, I'll do radio. I don't feel like memorizing a play text is getting any worse, maybe a little. Sometimes. a text disappears from my mind after ten minutes, but I think I already had that before. Yet there is now the fear that I will deteriorate. "

Van der Vlugt was born on May 28, 1934 in The Hague.

During the occupation, his Jewish mother was taken by the Nazis to the Auswitch extermination camp, where she died.

Father Van der Vlugt and his sons Bram and Fred lost their house during the bombing of the Bezuidenhout residential area in The Hague.

After the war, Van der Vlugt attended drama school in Amsterdam, where he graduated in 1961.

In 1963 he became known for the television series

Memorandum of a Doctor

, where he played the lead role of Doctor Finlay.

In 1970 Van der Vlugt became one of the founders of the theater group


, where he plays plays until 1974.

Later he played in several companies and in the private sector, where he played in countless theater productions.

He also had roles on TV in

Medisch Centrum West, Unit 13, Keyzer en de Boer

and recently in

Dokter Deen


Bram van der Vlugt: sixty years of acting experience

  • 1961: Graduation drama school in Amsterdam

  • 1963: Gained nationwide acclaim through a Doctor's Memorandum series

  • 1970: Founds theater group Sater

  • 1986: Appears at the entrance of Sinterklaas

  • 2000: Receive the highest theater award for his performance in Copenhagen

  • 2011: Passes the miter on to Stefan de Walle

'At best I imitate Sinterklaas'

He first performed his role in the Sinterklaasintocht in 1986. As the successor to Adrie van Oorschot, Van der Vlugt will remain involved in the festivities around the saint until 2010.

Not only was he involved in the parade, but he was also a regular guest on programs such as the

Sinterklaasjournaal, De Club van Sinterklaas


Het Feest van Sinterklaas.

In his last interview with, Van der Vlugt explains the rules of the game when he is asked about Sinterklaas: "The game that I have been playing for more than thirty years is that Sinterklaas exists! So I don't play it. At best I imitate him. And by now I am quite good at that. The key phrase that fits the rules of the game is: I am / was the counselor of Sinterklaas in television matters. "

In 2011 he announced that he would stop working as 'advisor to Sinterklaas' and his role was taken over by Stefan de Walle.

Nevertheless, he put on his miter a few times after that, such as in the films

Bennie Stout


Pak van mijn hart

(2014) and this winter in

De Grote Sinterklaasfilm.

Van der Vlugt did not feel that he was getting in the way of his successor, he said in his interview.

Van der Vlugt in October: "I am very grateful that I had a monopoly on Sinterklaas on Dutch television for 25 years. That went further than the public broadcaster. As a result, you almost become Sinterklaas yourself, 'because we don't know anyone else'. When I stopped doing that, voluntarily, I saw that I had left a good impression. And ten years later there are still people who think: hey, if I want to make a successful film, I might have to tie that Sinterklaas. not the one who says, 'Let's not do that, because it creates confusion' ”.

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Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion

In 2000, Van der Vlugt received the Louis d'Or, the highest Dutch theater award, for his role in the play



The play is about the fight between a Jewish man in Denmark and a Nazi in Germany, one of his pupils.



, Van der Vlugt said "A piece about the Holocaust - even if it is indirectly - also moves me more by definition. The fact that I am Jewish influences the choice of the things that I find important and beautiful."

The actor also committed himself to preserving the Green Heart, for which he founded the Gras & Wolken foundation.

For his work for Gras & Wolken and as an actor, he was appointed Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion in 2001.

Van der Vlugt died in his sleep from the effects of the corona virus, according to his family.

He told in October that he was incredibly hit by corona.

"I don't want to die too soon because of that. But I know that if I get infected, there is a good chance. Sometimes I am quite depressed."

Van der Vlugt leaves behind his wife, five children and three grandchildren.

Actor Bram van der Vlugt (86) passed away

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