Bruno, listener of Europe 1, complains of repetitive headaches that paracetamol can no longer calm.

In "Without Appointment", Friday afternoon, Doctor Jimmy Mohamed looks at the phenomenon of headaches in general, which can actually turn out to be migraines and can be treated with the help of a general practitioner .

Bruno is in a situation which he himself describes as "annoying": this listener from Europe 1 living in Ari├Ęge suffers from frequent headaches which are, he says, "not perhaps migraines" .

Until recently, he was able to treat these headaches with paracetamol, but it seems that this drug no longer works.

Doctor Jimmy Mohamed gives him details on the distinction between migraines and simple headaches in the program "Sans Rendez-vous", Friday afternoon.

"Migraine is a phenomenon that affects 15% of the population, so it is quite common. It has very specific characteristics: they are headaches that will last between three and 72 hours. Often, it lasts approximately six o'clock.

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The migraine sufferer experiences pain in half of the head.

It 'shoots', as if the heart is beating in the head, with nausea and sometimes vomiting.

Light and noise become extremely annoying.

When you do any activity, even walking, the headaches intensify and are only calmed by rest.

If you have two of those criteria, every time you have a headache it is called a migraine.

Family land

Be careful, migraine often begins in childhood with a family background.

Tension headaches, which have absolutely nothing to do with blood pressure, are on the other hand headaches that we will see diffuse at the end of the day or at the end of the week, when we are tired or when the kids tapped the system a bit. 

On the treatment side, paracetamol is not the treatment for migraine.

A migraine sufferer cannot take paracetamol because it does not work.

What Bruno is experiencing may be a headache, but it is not certain.

It takes four to five attacks before a diagnosis is made.

No spontaneous visit to the neurologist

I therefore recommend Bruno to consult his doctor, even if we know that we must favor the family of anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of migraine.

There are treatments, called triptans, which can calm true migraine sufferers.

Again, this is on medical prescription.

There is no need to clutter up neurology offices.

The general practitioner has all the skills to diagnose, monitor and administer a basic treatment for chronic migraine sufferers.

Obviously, when the situation is beyond the control of the attending physician, it is possible to go to the neurologist.

For that, you should not go there on your own but with a medical prescription. "