China News Service, Dalian, December 18 (Reporter Yang Yi) Zhao Lian, deputy director of the Dalian Municipal Health Commission, said at a press conference on the prevention and control of the epidemic held by the local government on the 18th that Dalian City treated asymptomatic infected persons and food on the 18th. The outer packaging specimens were sequenced for the whole genome of the new coronavirus. The results showed that the virus conformed to the L2 branch characteristics of the European family of the L genotype. The results support that the source of transmission is from abroad; the whole genome sequence homology of asymptomatic infection is 100%, indicating that the virus is common source.

  From December 15 to December 17 at 24:00, Dalian has reported a total of 6 cases of local asymptomatic infections, and the infections are currently in stable condition.