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Toys certified as non-compliant.

Ten days before the Christmas holidays, the Directorate-General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud (DGCCRF) has published a vast survey, relayed by France inter.

She says 12.6% of toys sold in stores had anomalies in 2019.

The pinned toys have various breaches of the regulations: labeling problems or "misuse of safety words" of the type "prohibited for children under 3 years old", applied to toys intended for much older children, reports France Inter.

The DGCCRF also warns of the presence of small elements in toys intended for very young children, which involve the risk of suffocation.

Other serious risks have been identified: unstable scooters, flammable disguises or overly powerful LEDs that can damage the retina.

It also alerts on trampolines for family use for security breaches.

The DGCCRF said it had destroyed more than 117,000 products, "including 32,962 finger paintings, 20,270 slimes, 14,363 stuffed animals, 9,700 disguises, 3,217 make-up palettes and 1,400 dolls".


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