China News Service, Wenzhou, December 16th (Pan Qinwen, Chen Herong, Wu Baochun) Li Guose, the owner of a noodle shop in Cangnan, Zhejiang, has been doing a "loss-making business" for these years-letting the "customer" Zheng Zulong use his hand-painted Buying noodles with coins has become a silent understanding between them.

Zheng Zulong visited Li Guose's noodle shop.

Photo courtesy of Cangnan County Rong Media Center

  "It is much more convenient for us young people to make money than old people, and we feel that the old people are pitiful, so we want to give him some noodles." Li Guose said.

  It turned out that Zheng Zulong suffered a grade 4 mental disability due to a fall in his brain when he was young, thinking that the money he painted could be used normally.

Faced with such an old man, Li Guose chose to be kind.

Zheng Zulong patronizes this noodle shop almost every day, every time Li Guose accepts the hand-painted coins in a calm manner, and then passes him a bag of fresh noodles.

  "The old man painted 100 yuan, 1,000 yuan, and 10,000 yuan. Among them, the'ten thousand yuan bills' look the most authentic." Li Guose's wife Wu Chunming said with a smile.

Zheng Zulong is painting coins.

Photo courtesy of Cangnan County Rong Media Center

  It is understood that Zheng Zulong has been taken care of by his two brothers and nephew.

In 2005, the government provided subsistence allowances for the elderly. The monthly subsistence allowances and disability allowances add up to more than 1,300 yuan, which guarantees basic living standards.

After learning the news, the local civil affairs department made a special trip to Zheng Zulong's home, sent the condolence money, and informed his family members of the relevant legal knowledge.

  After Zheng Zulong's family learned about this incident, they were very moved.

Zheng Zulong's brother Zheng Zuzhi said: "If you have money or not, you will give him noodles. This boss is really kind."

  This kindness is closely related to Li Guose's growth experience.

Li Guose's hometown is in a remote mountain village in Fanshan Town, Cangnan County.

When he was a child, the family conditions were very difficult. When he was 5 years old, his mother died early due to an illness. He only relied on his father to go out early and sell marshmallows to make a living. The help of family, friends and neighbors planted the seeds of gratitude in him.

Part of the hand-painted coins received by Li Guose.

Photo courtesy of Cangnan County Rong Media Center

  Although opening a noodle shop is just a small business, Li Guose never hesitated to help others.

In 2017, he joined the charity group "One Yuan Donate to Good Everyday" and donated 1 Yuan a day to help people in need; in 2019, Li Guose learned that the father of a girl in Puping Village, Fanshan Town, had no money to bury him. , I mobilized a friend to donate money to her and gave the girl 1,000 yuan in private, telling her to go to school. In normal times, as long as he sees elderly people with inconvenient legs come to the store to buy noodles, Li Guose always Half-sold and half-delivered, silently giving help.

  Li Guose said that because he had been helped by others, he should now repay others. (Finish)